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means either geography as in something far away, as the blue marble is like a globe; or means environmental per se like recycling, pollution, green — ok, maybe should be a subcategory of “green marble”? formerly I wrote “this round marble” by mistake and then covered by linking posts to “geometry”. An oblique Jimmy Dale Gilmore Jesse Winchester reference through “Big blue Ball”.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern versus Duffy’s blue bags

    I am not sure what it could mean but I have noticed that, like the famous logic defying coin flip seen in the Tom Stoppard absurd play, 100 times in a row as Duffy deftly  makes his little … Continue reading

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Kashmir autonomy, 2019 VS Ladakh, 1990s, Helena Norberg Hodge

This morning a woman in beautiful but to me foreign “traditional” clothing explained her cause as we walked from Coupa Cafe to Anna Eshoo’s office. In case, like me, you flipped thru The New York Times too quickly in the … Continue reading

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Dan Adams sitting in or subbing in on drums with Lytton Plaza residency of Equator

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Man VS Penguin

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Franklin Bruno VS Billy Gibbons (on the whole cost efficiencies of anti-pgmeneria thing)

Franklin Bruno formerly of nothing planted blue now has a band called the human hearts and a song about cheap sunglasses; which speaks to me as a post baby boomer Gen X indie guy who likes math, more than the … Continue reading

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Katy Perry please don’t sue my friend Rupa Marya even though you used exotic hand gestures and had blue people before she used exotic hand gestures and Painted self blue

Katy Perry, 2014

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Jen Shyu VS Steph Chou

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Actually Steph Chou, who was written up in the recent Downbeat, reminds me of Patricia Barber.

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