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the continuum hypothesis having to do with the not very likely possiblity that if you put your finger down on the number line would you hit anything, and how the media often is lazy about describing things in math terms;

Fifty seven eighty one skidoo

NOFX VS ‘Nolf’ NOFX is a punk band of considerable renown that features two Jewish members and has a set titled “Two Heebs and “ something, and on that flimsy basis I watched part of their recent podcast video as … Continue reading

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Erno Rubik four states

I met a Stanford student who set the world record for solving the cube while juggling.

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1) Marguerite is my neighbor although I’ve only met her once or twice;2) Jesse her daughter I’ve not quite met, but I know her husband, her kids and her mother in law;Good luck Jesse Fletcher Ladomirak running for School Board! … Continue reading

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Abel VS Fields

The Times has an obit of Louis Nirenberg 94 “one of the great mathematicians: winner of the 2015 Abel prize the math worlds equivalent of a noble. Them‘s fighting words to friends and survivors of Paul Jake Owen the fields … Continue reading

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Painter who can describe CH

At Gallery House, there are two cityscapes of NYC by Mitun (Balman) who also, I discovered, studied math well enough to, several years later, after Berkeley, describe CH (by Paul J. Cohen) with considerable depth. I wish I could have … Continue reading

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Improv trio to crash The Mitch

A trio of improvisational instrumentalists comprising Scott Amendola, drums; Trevor Dunn, upright bass and Phillip Greenlief clarinet convene Friday, October 11 at The Mitch, as part of the ongoing Earthwise Productions assault on the normal comfy tranquility of South Palo … Continue reading

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One millón runs, twenty thousand players, five hundred Venezuelans

Bryan Reynolds of the Pirates, a former Giant, beat his old team the other night, blowing a fine start by Mad Bum. I noticed on the leading online baseball reference that he is listed as the nineteen thousand and somethingth … Continue reading

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Earthwise Of Palo Alto Quantum Decoherence Of Jazz Shows – a

October 18, 2018 Mitchell Park Allison Miller, Ben Goldberg, Kirk Knufke February **, 2019 Art Center  Amendola VS Blades VS Parker VS Skerik April **, 2019 Art Center Beth Custer Drawdown June 21, 2019 Mitchell Park Jane Monheit, Wong Vanharen … Continue reading

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Being a Gunn grad makes you somewhat jaded in that you think of world-class scientist more as fathers or mothers of your classmates

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Mttt Porteus, ‘hackeando’ sickle cell anemia VS ‘After Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison by Jeff Wall, 2000’

Somehow reminds me of this photograph depicting an early scene from Ralph Ellison’s the invisible man. I’m taking Michael Krasny’s coursing literature thing at Stanford extension and happened to see the Jordan Peele movie “Us”as I was reading TS Eliot … Continue reading

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