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Avery Palmer at CSMA Mountain View and Artik San Jose

Terry and I noted the fine ceramics and paintings of Avery Palmer at Community School of Music and Art (CSMA) in Mountain View, the night we caught the Larry Vukovich tribute to Vince Guaraldi produced by Palo Alto Jazz Alliance. … Continue reading

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Lundvall Not Lundvall

ReCode says Don Was is President of Blue Note. Bruce Lundvall was President of Blue Note. (ReCode says we can lift their art if we give credit. Thinks ReCode) Duly noted. edit to add: more to the point, Dan Ouellette … Continue reading

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XIX. Mere surmise slurs: now twenty percent more surmisier

Originally posted on Plastic Alto with Mark Weiss:
not a vas deferens either (Brian E. Moore) My friend the filmmaker/pathologist Dr. Brian Moore sent me, apropos of nothing, a quote attributed to Kojiro Tomita, a famous curator of Asian Arts…

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The Beautiful Games

The Beautiful Game is 1) nickname for soccer, especially Brazilian soccer, 2) coined by Pele and served as title for his autobiography and 3) above, forming a hat trick of memes or tropes, the opening number of a musical by … Continue reading

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Big buzz for World Cup Buzz, THE new app

1. There’s a big buzz in certain parts of South Barron Park, a part of Palo Alto, a part of South Palo Alto that I have, in previous posts likened to the Vieux Carre (a poetic and sometimes metaphorically useful … Continue reading

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Palo Alto greenlights green lights and signs: $$$$ or #@&^

Palo Alto’s Architectural Review Board unanimously approved Thursday morning (May 1, 2014) a giant green illuminated sign for the new giant building at the corner of Lytton and Alma. The building is already controversial because of its size and its … Continue reading

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Gabi the violinist

I noticed you once or twice on University Ave in Palo Alto; actually, I saw you once only, driving past, and circled again to catch another glimpse. If I had ever seen you while on foot I would have stopped … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

  I met Maya Angelou twice; first, at the Clinton Inauguration, Brian Gaul and I stood among about 10,000 others, several hundred yards from the action, “marked the mastodon” creeping through our eardrums, penetrating our senses after a while. The … Continue reading

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Non-profit rock venue in Berkeley, more office space in Palo Alto

Apropos of the news that former BGP partner David Mayeri is opening a non-profit music venue in Berkeley, re-purposing the former UC Theatre (flagship of Gary Meyer’s Landmark chain), I am re-posting this letter I wrote to City Council about … Continue reading

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Vienna Teng ‘Level Up’ and Dan Bern ‘Ballad of Jimmy Carter’

  Two pretty random A&R notes, Vienna Teng new cd and single “Level Up” video and Dan Bern, from Jonathan Demme’s documentary about Jimmy Carter, “Ballad of Jimmy Carter”. I also spied something about Greil Marcus talking about “The Manchurian … Continue reading

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