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Stone Fox 3.0

In a pleasing departure from eavesdropping on would-be and wanna-be billionaires regaling each other about their latest rounds of venture funding, angel pitches and other circle-jerking, I watched a recent UC Santa Cruz honors grad named Chelsea Bell show her bikini samples to … Continue reading

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I cracked myself up, which might make me a crackpot, when telling an anecdote on Wedge’s fine blog, Memory Select, so had to paste the entry into my own damned spot. Continue reading

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Twenty-seven jazz personae mentioned in Wednesday’s New York Times article by Ben Ratliff

I never worked with or saw live Paul Motian, who died this week. But I know that it meant a lot to Jenny Scheinman, for example, that she got to play with him. Also, Bill Frisell. A huge portion of the jazz music I listen to or follow follows from having met Bill and his managers Lee Townsend and Phyllis Oyama. I could not, for instance, distinguish by sound Motian’s play from that of say Elvin Jones or Jerry Granelli. The only other people on this list I have met are Ethan Iverson and Chris Potter. Continue reading

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This Machine Kills Fascists, continued

I believe this video is something between agit-prop (art created to provoke social change) and a public service announcement urging compassion for housekeepers in China. I have listened to it twice and find the tune rather catchy, or if not … Continue reading

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How deep is the ocean

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Edelman punt return on Monday Night Football

This run by Julian Edelman, of the New England Patriots, a former Woodside High and CSM football hero, makes me wish I had done my recent smog check at Frank Edelman’s A-1 AutoTech in Mountain View and Redwood City. Edelman … Continue reading

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Lethemless Berkeley and Lami@50 I circled or cruised Palo Alto’s Lytton Plaza this afternoon, not completely unlike Travis Bickle, because I wanted to hear on my car radio the completion of an interview on KPFA featuring the author Jonathan Lethem. I logged, therefore, … Continue reading

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Long interview with Jessica Yu, lifted in honor of 148th anniversary of Gettysburg Address

IDA met up with Yu at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which screened her first feature-length fiction film, Ping Pong Playa. Protagonist opens November 30 in New York City  and December 7 in Los Angeles, through IFC First Take. (which I thought … Continue reading

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Michael Ballack tribute jack-o-lantern

ich bin ein ballack although the idea came to be over a hamburger Continue reading

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Jack Hirshman at Meridian Gallery SF, November 2011

Although I missed the opening of Kimetha Vanderveen’s show at Meridian, Terry Davis went and snapped this photo of the artist, who is rather shy and probably prefers that it does not show her face. On the other hand, I … Continue reading

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