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Six or seven more by Earthwise at Lytton Plaza before the weather turns

  Steve Poltz at Lytton Plaza on a Wednesday. One 9/28/22 Mads Tolling group the next night, same place. Someone who got a 4.5 star review in Downbeat and my contact info named Chase Elodia and friends, from NYC, will be playing after. Two. And … Continue reading

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Lit in lines

I was in nearby Menlo Park yesterday, trying to replace Todd Sickafoose’s worn Size 10 1/2 sic Saucony Jazz lime shows and I wondered into Feldman’s for the first time since it relocated. A young man was playing on the … Continue reading

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Roger v. Remi

Roger Craig won three Super Bowl rings; Remi Wolf has released 11 videos. they are both wearing red in two photos and face paint. there is no other reason I am mentioning them in the same breath. coincidentally I met … Continue reading

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Molly, Remi y La Doña –top new voices coming out of the Bay Area

  My favorite new artists to listen to, track and tell people about are Molly Tuttle, Remi Wolf and La Doña, also known as Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea.Molly and Remi are from Palo Alto, though Molly lives in Nashville and Remi … Continue reading

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Remi Wolf 7 year itch

I bought a ticket for Cautius Clay because Remi Wolf was on the tour, but got too busy to see the show — that plus I’m middleaged.I’ve known Remi since her junior year in high school. I met she and … Continue reading

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Jazz time travels or jazzscribe contrafacts: from full faith and credit to fregulia and back

The Geography of Hep, Palo Alto’s influence on Jazz, via music education, guest concerts(Monk, Steve Lacy) and our all too rare gifts to jazz world in terms of artists like Stanley Jordan and executives like Danny Scher, Jason Olaine, plus Herb Wong, James Benham, Ted Gioia, plus Akira Tana, venues like The Bandbox and The Varsity, and all that jazz Continue reading

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