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Queen at Winterland

who can forget those trippy teenage freakouts, in the city, with older freakier people, escaping fro m our parents for a few hours, until they pick us up. Continue reading

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Remi Benson serving our country

God bless Remi Benson for serving our country this past nine years. Continue reading

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Jim Newton is scary smart

mama didn’t raise no fool apropos of barbara newton and jim newton Continue reading

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Three thousand words worth

i like ike. i like james franco. i like my cousin ryan moats I took three photographs from my cell phone and pasted them here via a baseball thread. for jim newton Continue reading

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Macroeconomics at Foothill with Brian Evans

keynes arrow fuchs taylor sen and evans Continue reading

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Brava for Beth Custer

there it was happened so damn fast talked me out of my chair. liplocked stopped the hydrogen jukeob Continue reading

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Three (or more) little Indians and The…Clerk

three little indians sitting on the swaia board. two little indians sitting bull on the swaia board bored. one little indian but not dustin hoffman or sarah mclachan’s agent but first we should check mateo romero microphone check one two what tribes is in montana? Continue reading

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Lardner and Hermosilla Free Show Wednesday at Lytton Plaza

My Dartmouth classmates are holding a mini-reunion Wednesday Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. at Lytton Plaza, 200 University Avenue, at Emerson, across from Stanford Theatre, featuring Sam Lardner and Pedro Hermosilla concert, for Daniel Webster and The World Serio Continue reading

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Ear elephant earwopa whatever

in 1991 i saw alabama play in birmingham but longed for some private time in Tuscaloosa. Continue reading

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film studies teacher

Do you know any good racist and specist and dated songs like “Why Does the Monkey Dunk His Nuts in My Margarita, Sharona?” Continue reading

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