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Stephanie Syjuco, 2016 w 19th century ethnography book plate I bought from Bell’s Books a couple years ago, if my wife didn’t toss it in the move, my wife who knows Stephanie Syjuco

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Kraus – Ginsberg, 1978 Loisaida

B/w Broken Flowers, 2006 Palo Alto early light  This is a coincidence but Nilaja Sun, appearing thru Dec 16 at Berkeley Rep, is from the Lower East Side. Kristine Guillaume, president or editor of Harvard Crimson This isn’t all beautiful … Continue reading

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Martin Kryska at Dartmouth ski team banquet, circa 1986

I wrote about Martin Kryska(1964-1992) and posted an eerie screen capture from someone’s youtube about a cross country race in Colorado 30 years ago. Martin was one of 14 Palo Altans in my Dartmouth class, 1986 (two from Gunn, seven … Continue reading

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Altamont, Candlestick, Levi’s Santa Clara

One, I bought Joel Selvin’s book about “Altamont:…dark days” about 1969 Rolling Stone concert but have yet to read even one page of it. I buy a lot of books. Like a squirrel going nuts. Now I have reason to … Continue reading

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Long bay w long bao

BLUF: Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site cultural and geographic feature in Vietnam but the closest I’m likely to get there is the soup from Tamarine at 546 University in Palo Alto. BLUf2: but i’d lump Dumpling Time … Continue reading

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Springtime for H-tler and Bill Johnson

hey i just subscribed 10/mo because I had posted something sensitvie about Nazis (or “natzi’s” which might mean “not Nazis”????) at Stanford and then the computer logged me out for having read a whole 10 articles in one month!! I … Continue reading

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McNellis v Weiss, 2018: Ward v Rock Against Racism, 1989

(I was standing in the entry of Hotel President apartments and John McNellis walked by, with a colleague, at I stopped him for a selfie, reprising our stunt from 2014 when we bumped at Peets ie a few doors up … Continue reading

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Garaj Mahal, Palo Alto w Garaj Mahal, Cambridge

Garaj Mahal is a jazz/jam/world band featuring Fareed Haque and Kai Eckhardt guitar and bass that, for instance, played House of Blues Cambridge Massachusetts in 2000 the exact same night that my dear friend Dr. Brian Moore had his bachelor … Continue reading

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Commission aspirant pitches “tape and plungers” as traffic measure

Elaine Uang, millennial growth zealot, suggests, in response to question about Ross Road bike lane boondoggle, that according to a guru with a blog “plungers and tape” work surprisingly well. I taped 3 minutes of this thread — tape in … Continue reading

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Nilaja Sun

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