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Stanford Humanities Central featuring Ivan Brunetti et al

1. On my walk yesterday, I spied a flyer regarding an appearance today of cartoonist Ivan Brunetti at Stanford’s Levinthal Humanities Center; looks interesting; it says he’s born in Italy, based in Chicago, has six or seven covers for The … Continue reading

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Catching up with Rupa

I have not seen or heard in a while Rupa & The April Fishes, yet am thinking about her and them, this 29th day of April, 2014. I rescued if that’s the word, these 900 words that I had posted … Continue reading

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Anand Patwardhan and Anusha Rizvi at Stanford

I met Anand Patwardhan at Stanford, at a screening of his film “Jai Bhim Comrade” and then at a lunch round-table the next day. This was November, 2012, the week before the elections (and I first posted this shot, above, … Continue reading

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Philip Roth reading list

What has the aesthetic of popular culture to do with formidable postwar writers of such enormous variety as Saul Bellow, Ralph Ellison, William Styron, Don DeLillo, E. L. Doctorow, James Baldwin, Wallace Stegner, Thomas Pynchon, Robert Penn Warren, John Updike, … Continue reading

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Viva Cepeda

  b/w Tribelines by Eric Hanson (Nina Simone’s former agent), annotated by The Editor, with a little help from Who’s Who in Baseball, 2014 Tribe not swept since late last summer Happens here, would be a bummer* Hopes that we, … Continue reading

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Herb Wong (1926-2014)

(We last saw Herb Wong at Sam Smidt’s birthday party. They were neighbors. Terry knows or knew Sam well, while I have only met him a few times. I reminded Herb who I was and gave him a not too … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot v. Cohen, Fractals v. Forcing, Morris v. Steve and Eric, ‘Errol Morris Dancing’

  “Errol Morris Dancing” >> play both of these short films simultaneously, and vary the effect by muting one or the other for sound   Cohen is noted for developing a mathematical technique called forcing, which he used to prove that … Continue reading

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