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Tennis champion returns

I ran into Hilary Whiting, my Gunn schoolmate, who teamed with Stacy Savides Sullivan to win the 1977 CCS doubles championship. I saw her checking the site of the former family home, corner of Churchill and Cowper, near the Lawn … Continue reading

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Joan Didion, ‘The White Album’, The Getty Museum, Bethany Yarrow, Eugene McCarthy riff

Joan Didion says that the Getty’s collection of antiquities says more about the 18th and 19th century craze for antiquities than it does about the periods from which the pieces emanate. (Didion, 1979/2009 p. 75).Reminds me that I once saw … Continue reading

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Bluegrass girl’s not grey

Candice explained that the design on her arm referenced a song by AFI from their album “Sing the Sorrow.” The lyric mentions soft creatures draped in white and chrysanthemums. The design features a rabbit. She said she is originally from … Continue reading

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Deep understanding of the intersection of media, community, technology, infrastructure, real estate, politics and policy

Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily. Ok, not. Fine. x

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Tootie Heath Vs Art Hirahara

Here are two photographs. One is pianist Art Hirahara, in Palo Alto, on March 13, 2020; photo by Mark Weiss; Two is Tootie Heath, or his brother, perhaps in Philadelphia, or maybe Denmark, known unknown photographer, courtesy Mark Christman of … Continue reading

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Donald Trump VS Richard III, and other personae

James Shapiro claims that Donald Trump may be the only US President not interested in Shakespeare. (2020, p.203) Someone else said he is the only president with no sense of humor.  Reminds me that it must have been 1987 that … Continue reading

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Who else noticed a kerning or spacing error in The Times’ obituary of Adobe founder Chuck Geschke?

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empty ‘umpty

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George Floyd tribute, June 2020

Artist unknown in front of the former Liddicoats

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Monday Morning Dang

I woke this morning and the first thing I did was enter my studio, crack my Webster’s Eleventh and gloss the word “dang”.I had thought of an edit to the previous essay, about football.Yes, I am going to trim the … Continue reading

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