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has a ball or stick and is not murder or war; their were or are bubblegum cards or tobacco cards to exploit it; was cool when i was young but is now increasingly sadly undermined by greed;

Pederson powers past Pads

Joc Pederson the Jewish Palo Altan major leaguer and home run hitter, led the Dodgers past the Pads, getting three homers in the series win.He hit a leadoff home run last night, according to the LA Times.He had 36 homers … Continue reading

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Gunn grad announces Levitation Year

Kendra Smaby class of 2020 plans “to float and drift a bit while I ponder my options” Considering Air Force, circus or philosophy. the truth will set us fly.

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Bob Dylan ‘Hurricane’ poster cover or flyer courtesy of Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo and WFMU VS Reggie Jackson ‘IN ACTION’ 1972 Topps baseball card although he is just standing there staring into space

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Anita Wheeler speaks

I heard back for real from Anita Wheeler who was my favorite Oakland Raider cheerleader in 1975 when I was 11 years old. My favorite player was Fred Biletnikoff, or I say that because I was known as sort of … Continue reading

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Win with Ben

Ben said he went to Yale even though the counselors at his high school suggested he try Scanton State. He said that because the coaches either refused or didn’t know how to submit his game films to Ivy recruiters or … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace on Roger Federer: nearly 14 years ago

Annealed knees  

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Hanks, Hanks, ‘Hanks’ VS Oswald, Oswald, Oswald, and Oswald

I hereby nominate Marc Oswald to the Cubberley Hall of Fame. Marc is a graduate of the school in the class of 1976. They were only three more classes after his to go full-term and a total of 25 classes … Continue reading

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‘Brave Dragons’ VS ‘Dragon Hoops’

AKA YARDLEY V YANG One guy is a MacFound Genius Grant laureate who wrote a graphic novel 2020 bleeds black and gold of Bishop O’Dowd, the other was a Page Pirate and Gunn Titan, won a Pulitzer has a book … Continue reading

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Mays Vs Fingers

Bw bert campaneris bunt base hit soundtrack to Mary fall fall fall fingers down my spine

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Many of the Zomba men know who is Messi, but Ed Sheeran hell no (Ian Brennan, 2019)

(Not sure who the Zomba men are but you have me curious…rrr n)

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