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has a ball or stick and is not murder or war; their were or are bubblegum cards or tobacco cards to exploit it; was cool when i was young but is now increasingly sadly undermined by greed;

Cubberley Basketball Hall of Fame and honorable mentions, in Plastic Alto

Cubberley basketball hall of fameas accorded by Plastic Alto, Earthwise Productions and The Titensity Spin On Your Finger Machine Doctors First team:Forward Mike Nichols 1959Forward Rick Kuhta 1964Center Paul Trainer 1971Guard Ray Gale 1962Guard Todd Walker 1974 Second teamForward Wylie … Continue reading

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The Lord is first; my friends and family are second; I am third.

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‘’Finding Forrester’ sadly reminds me of Bryan Randall

I first met Bryan on an afternoon in 1984 in the place we both felt most at comfortable: the basketball court.  From our first encounter, there was something different about Bryan that left a deep personal connection – a core … Continue reading

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Gino Cimoli VS Cookie Lavagetto VS Con Dempsey VS Mark Koenig VS Tony ‘Push Them Up’ Lazzeri (For Dave Newhouse)

ed Gino cimoli I met him once in a café in San Francisco and North Beach disrupting his card game with his cronies he signed my 1961 tops pirate card.  Tony lazzeri another Bay area guy who starred in the … Continue reading

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Mbappe VS M- Base

20 woodwind vs denied by the woodwork Lewandowski for red, but I’m blue

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Ty Cobb of the Tigers, Chief Meyers of The Giants baseball pin suite

Between various feng shui burglaries in the general chaos of the universe it was a pleasant surprise to find my set of 12 vintage baseball player pins, sweet chaparral P2 equivalent to T206. I pulled my 1975 baseball encyclopedia from … Continue reading

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Pederson powers past Pads

Joc Pederson the Jewish Palo Altan major leaguer and home run hitter, led the Dodgers past the Pads, getting three homers in the series win.He hit a leadoff home run last night, according to the LA Times.He had 36 homers … Continue reading

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Gunn grad announces Levitation Year

Kendra Smaby class of 2020 plans “to float and drift a bit while I ponder my options” Considering Air Force, circus or philosophy. the truth will set us fly.

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Thirty-five dollars OR One Thousands Words on Black Sabbath

1) NYT re “Almsot Famous”2) axstv “Almost famous” paused at 2:31 pm — Lester bangs (hoffman?) and the kid in a cafe in Sd:3) Stars of David — Peter Green is Jewish? But Ozzy nor his wife are not? Who … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan ‘Hurricane’ poster cover or flyer courtesy of Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo and WFMU VS Reggie Jackson ‘IN ACTION’ 1972 Topps baseball card although he is just standing there staring into space

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