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Gretchen Menn v Greta Van Fleet

Gretchen Menn is a guitar player in a Led Zep cover band, who I met once at Peet’s in Palo Alto and she went to Smith. Greta Van Fleet is a new band of 3 brothers from Michigan who play … Continue reading

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‘Boogie with Stu’ by Led Zep w ‘Black Limosine’ by Rolling Stone

Stu is Ian Stewart late great “6th Stone” who also guested on Physical Graffiti “Boogie with Stu”. And his wiki sent me to Tattoo You “Black Limosine”. Will this make me like or dislike Wil Blades in San Jo? Ian … Continue reading

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Former 650 singer Hale Baskin now a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or jazz singer with a residency at The Mitchell

I saw her at Cogswell Plaza nooner brown bag dealio it must have been 2006, maybe with Akira Tana in her band and maybe Jim Harrington still of the Weekly wrote her up and now thru the magic of the … Continue reading

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My mother is a fish, but Cousins is not a monkey

This bit, a new prologue three weeks later, is lifted from the wikipedia entry on David Shields’ “Reality Hunger” my manifesto: Shields also discusses, at length, the distinction between memoir and fiction–a distinction that, Shields argues, is mostly imaginary. Because … Continue reading

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Laura Veirs memoir slash advertisement

For those of you who have made it this far… Here is an essay I wrote about the process of making “Libba.” Pictured at the bottom is a photo of Libba’s great-granddaughter Brenda Evans and me backstage in DC last … Continue reading

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Cigarette scofflaw, Tuesday 10 a.m

On Ramona: too close to the building, flicking ashes into street, makes me sneeze   b/w girl band singer in Thailand performs  on tv wearing a Swastika on her T-shirt, though she later apologized personally to an Israeli diplomat named … Continue reading

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I missed Rent Live by 24 hours, 600 minutes

But I’ll get ahead of the curve for “Jagged Little Pull” . Which premiered at American repertory theater in Cambridge Mass. and is headed to Broadway with a $14 million budget. Yes I deliberately miss identify the album I was … Continue reading

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Let’s get BV with it

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Bang Bang Bang v Beng Beng Beng

bang bang bang is newspaper composition typsetter shop talk for a series of three punctuation marks, known as exclamation points, like this: !!! (you know what’s weird, but not to bore you: as i tried to type the three “bangs” … Continue reading

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