Lordy, lordy lordy a.k.a. Joe Ely

Freight 031015

Freight 031015

edit to add: I posted this via my handheld during the show and updated to say the song is called “I’m Gonna Strangle You, Shorty” and here is seen a few years back at Saxon Club in Austin. I spoke to Joe Ely briefly after the show and had him sign my program. I said I had brought his fellow Flatlander Jimmie Dale Gilmore to Palo Alto in about 2000; I said “have you talked to him lately?” and he said “A couple weeks ago” and I said I brought him to Palo Alto about 13 years ago. Joe Ely said he has played Palo Alto but not for a whiles. I said I’d like to remedy that. I may have mispronounced “remedy” to sound like Jon Dee Graham. Or “Jon Dee” rather.

I gave Ruthie a yellow rose, from Darling Flower Shop, 2004 University Avenue, around the corner, Jay and Barbara Touriel props. I gave Paul Thorne a comic book, from Shattuck Street. Longer story. Daredevil. It’s actually for Charles Driebe.

Their honcore doing a Woody Guthrie thing was like a religions experience not sure why. But if I get in trouble at my interview for Palo Alto Human Relations Commission, I’m going to pull these lyrics out of my pocket and recite them like a prayer:
It takes a ten-dollar shoe to fit my feet,
It takes a ten-dollar shoe to fit my feet,
It takes a ten-dollar shoe to fit my feet, Lord, Lord,
An’ I ain’t a-gonna be treated this way.

Your a-two-dollar shoe hurts my feet,
Your two-dollar shoe hurts my feet,
Yes, your two-dollar shoe hurts my feet, Lord, Lord,
An’ I ain’t a-gonna be treated this way.

Daredevil I already said that.

and1: I thought that Mike Kappus the semi-retired super-agent and taste-maker extraoridnaire (Rosebud) introduced me to “Victor Ortiz” a tall handsome man with grey hair, but that’s actually the name of a boxer (and Paul Thorn supposedly once fought Roberto Duran, that’s how we roll here in Plasty).

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