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Miles Kurosky Signs with Majordomo!

Ok, so I’m a little late with this, in that Miles signed with Majordomo in fall, 2009 and here we are closing out 2012. But I want to take this opportunity to SHOUT! out as it were to MK and … Continue reading

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ps22 do lumineers ho hey

Over 50 million people have watched the video performances posted on the youtube channel for PS22 chorus, an elementary school chorus led by Greg Breinberg in Staten Island. I got to this by searching for something Bob Lefsetz mentioned, a … Continue reading

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Save The Bagel, or So Sez Me

Greg Brown and I have started an ad hoc Save The Bagel committee, to defend the giant bagel and coffee cup at 477 S. California Avenue in Palo Alto, known for 18 years now as Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels. We suggest … Continue reading

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135 plus 636 equals #@&^ in Palo Alto

I have a four-deep pile of issues I am compelled to dig into and then write about, on policy pe se, here in Palo Alto, on “Plastic Alto”, if you will. There’s also various voice-mails, text messages and e-mail trails … Continue reading

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My friend Misty Gamble rocks out in ceramics

It’s been quite a thrill in recent years to follow the ascent of visual artist Misty Gamble. She makes ceramics that remind me of the work of Viola Frey and Terry Allen. When I met Misty she was talent buyer … Continue reading

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The Pueblo Girls and Edward S. Curtis follies

Reading Anne Makepeace book on Edward S. Curtis, I was surprised to learn that Curtis produced a live music event in New York to pay for his photography book series. I am folding that into the clay that is to … Continue reading

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Mosh pit lays waste to historic Palo Alto night club

“Mosh pit destroys historic Palo Alto night club” screams the headline in my mind but lo, it is actually the even more dangerous and depraved real estate industry that will bring the wrecking ball to 260 California Avenue, the former … Continue reading

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I am Elektro, err, Earthwise

I made a poster in 1999 that advertised four shows, including Train, Mother Hips (who play tonight in Felton) and featured a photograph of a robot I had ripped from an ad and gave to my designer to photo-shop for … Continue reading

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Dana King and Rodin ‘Prayer’

Leah Garchik had a scoop about Dana King leaving KPIX to do her art fulltime. I linked from the comments to the Dana King art homepage and was suitably impressed with her sculpture and her charcoal drawings. Later that same … Continue reading

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Juana Alicia mural at Stanford ‘Chicano’ center

“El Codex Estanfor” is a new interior mural at Stanford, in the ‘Chicano’ center, near the bookstore, by Bay Area legend muralist Juana Alicia, also known as Juana Alicia Araiza. I wandered into El Centro Chicano, a student center that … Continue reading

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