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The Looters, 2020; or, using Terman to sort racists, proposed

  I woke today (Wednesday, named for Odin a Norse God) reaching first mentally then physically for my Bevington, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, specifically honing in on “The Merchant of Venice” and that line. What is it:If you prick … Continue reading

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That’s the tea (Tom, Eric, Alison)

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The Residents w The Residentialists

The Residents are a legendary yet obscure rock band from San Francisco that wears or wore giant eyeball constumes to help protect their secret individual identities. I know virtually nothing about them. R.I.P. Hardy Fox, co-founder and chief composer of … Continue reading

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Kermit picks Tom, Eric, Alison

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A McLuhanist swipe at or insertion chip first into or at Jenny Dearborn’s op ed in PAW

Edit to ad: I came to this in reaction to Carla Befera excellent op ed re Casti man spreading crisis. If you literally have nothing to do for 45 minutes(and I can suggest 1,900 better uses) here is Dearborn A … Continue reading

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Rating 10 possible Palo Alto city council results (or slates?)

BLUF:: I am predicting TEA although ATE I thought a better acronym, so I’m saying two of three incumbents will hold and Alison will displace Cory based on more life experience. You cannot have STEAM without TEA at least in … Continue reading

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Linsanity, Duboisity

I had read about this but never until just now saw the video of Jeremy Lin playing on the new basketbal court at the new Mitchell Center in Palo Alto. And Greg Scharff, then the mayor and still on council, … Continue reading

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Any truth to the rumours that Downtown North parking program will be enforced by Apache helicopters?

Staff interviewed each firm and found that Serco, Inc. demonstrated the most complete understanding of the Downtown RPP program intricacies based on an evaluation of relevant experience, proposed staffing approach, and proposed technologies, despite the higher cost {$1.5 M} to … Continue reading

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Genuine Filseth

Earlier or above I had a post called “Not a Genuine Filseth” based on a photo I took of a stranger at Peet’s who I thought resembled Eric Filseth, Here is a recent photo of our council-member-elect. He and Tina … Continue reading

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If I Had A Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

Or: The silver saxophones say I refuse you, PASZ and Measure D considered, with kid gloves Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Keep Council at 9 not 7, but vote for 5 not 3, who do this for love not money … Continue reading

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