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Jim Eshelman pole vault for Stanford, 1966

He was also a Cubberley grad. I’d nominate him for the Cubberley Hall of Fame (talk to Dan Fowlkes, Bret Baird or Hans Delannoy). But going forward, with our tax dollars from COPA and PAUSD using the site for cultural … Continue reading

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Cormac Ryan, KZ Okpala, Ugonna Onkeywe, Kent Lockhart, Marvin Gaye, Marlinda Fitzgerald, Hans Delannoy, Mick Jagger, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Tom Brady, Lynn Swann, Barry Bonds, Pete Broberg, Dr. J and me

Dear (Friend of mine, former Sports Editor of The D, Sports Ilustrated Summer Reporter, UPI baseball stats desk jockey, of counsel to Office of Commish and basketball nut): (Re Cormac Ryan, Stanford’s new #23, from Milton Academy and Collegiate of … Continue reading

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A classmate’s tribute to one of this area’s all-time greats: Charles ‘C.J.’ Johnson, of Sequoia High, Cal and the world champion Golden State Warriors

By Mark Meltzer: I was a classmate of CJ’s from elementary school (Washington School) all the way through UC Berkeley. In elementary school he was just known as Charley, CJ was to come later. We weren’t close friends but I … Continue reading

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That was me wearing Kent Lockhart’s 1981 Gunn basketball jersey on the treadmill at Palo Alto Y, in January, 2016, for about 15 minutes

Hans Delannoy, approaching 500 career wins, coaching boys and girls in Palo Alto and San Ramon / Danville / Dublin, called and asked me to research the exact number of those came in 1973, at Cubberley. I went to Steve … Continue reading

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The tough, the strong

For certain members of the Gunn student body and community, the pulse must quicken with anticipation this week and perhaps for the next 12 days, a rarified situation created by Gunn’s selection to the Central Coast Section basketball tournament. The … Continue reading

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Colin Bonini for Governor (of Delaware, a small state back east)

I tried to place this comment on a news site, but could not: I am not on Facebook, I am a refuse-nik, so was not actually able to post this: I think Colin Bonini has a core value system about … Continue reading

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The Mullin Show w. Al Palo Alto

The mullin show w. al palo alto The Mullin Show is Paly Vikings, 15-3, who have to win out against three tough teams and especially at Fremont Friday, Feb. 20 to take or tie for SCVAL De Anza League and … Continue reading

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Taking charge with Rich Kelley

Rich Kelley, a Woodside resident and former NBA and Stanford basketball player, said he would not endorse me but agreed to pose still for a selfie, the au courant exchange. It helped that I name dropped Bud Presley and made … Continue reading

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Extra! Peterson Guilty! Post picks Scharf, Kou, Dubois and them

http://www.amazon.com/dp/0807061875/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_lc?tag=travelsevense-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=0807061875&adid=0ANVS0Q3APTNHYGTH2NM&&ref-refURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.benbagdikian.net%2Fdocs%2Fcomment.htm Caught up with Greg Scharff who was not running away from it all but was taking the air and stretching his legs in and around Paly this morning and he broke me the news that the Post had endorsed, … Continue reading

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The post remains the same (5 – center)

1. point(David Shields, I am thinking “Pete Maravich”) 2. shooting(faux Filseth, and I am thinking “Jerry West” and being generous or atoning) 3. small forward (Gervin, Ice man? 4. big / forward (“John Havlicek”? although it was about Cazzie Russell … Continue reading

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