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I Am Sitting at Lytton Plaza Reading George Packer in The Atlantic

[Photo by Matt and Justin –Matt who models at Palo Alto Art Center –Justin his wingman and also a model of sorts — Or we can rest assured he embodies a human form] And1: A couple hours later, I have … Continue reading

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Good luck, soccer Palo Altans Japic, as their lore spreads to Waco, Texas

BLUF: Three months later, I do admit I found it odd that a student from Palo Alto would early-commit to playing intercollegiate sports in Waco, Texas after her junior high school year, and that my comments therefore on the Weekly … Continue reading

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The tough, the strong

For certain members of the Gunn student body and community, the pulse must quicken with anticipation this week and perhaps for the next 12 days, a rarified situation created by Gunn’s selection to the Central Coast Section basketball tournament. The … Continue reading

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Social Justice in Palo Alto & Mountain View

“Evil man make me kill you, baby; evil man make you kill me, baby” Jimi Hendrix, “Machine Gun” 1970 Ladoris Cordell highlights a panel discussion Wednesday evening in nearby Mountain View, along with state senator Joe Simitian and four or … Continue reading

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Seven or eight more media or documents I would think read write about were I faster higher stronger

http://www.amazon.com/Wired-Child-Debunking-Popular-Technology/dp/150321169X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428605905&sr=8-1&keywords=richard+freed+wired+child I wrote and thought about an upcoming land use proposal, which took me most of my morning. I am also prepping for a significant and real-enhanced little ten minute spurt, around 8 p.m. on Wednesday April 15 at 250 … Continue reading

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Colin Bonini for Governor (of Delaware, a small state back east)

I tried to place this comment on a news site, but could not: I am not on Facebook, I am a refuse-nik, so was not actually able to post this: I think Colin Bonini has a core value system about … Continue reading

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Happy new years and back to work, on the ‘stinkers’

I posted this on the Weekly site and will check back every few hours to see how long until they censor me. I suggest rather than censoring me outright, they substitute a euphemism “stinkers” for my word of choice, “asshole”. … Continue reading

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