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Weldon Kees page 115 of Reclaiming Sf and Palo Alto

Neophyte readers will, like Victoria Thorpe, call this irrelevant or incoherent, but I rebooted the lap dancer to post this purloined image of Weldon Kees, apropos of 280 or Caltrain and although there is no index to “Reclaiming San Francisco: … Continue reading

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Kimmelman on Ray Johnson, circa 2002

Look to your left (Liberty Street) and you will see the small turn-of-the-century French pastry in creamy, classically-detailed stone that housed the neighboring Chamber of Commerce. To your right (Cedar Street) is a stone-faced building of the first great skyscraper … Continue reading

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Two new true Ray Johnson books

I’ve only seen one Ray Johnson in person, at a gallery in Carmel, and posted about that previously.   I don’t think I knew much about Ray Johnson until I read Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman. Prompting me to post … Continue reading

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