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Earthwise Monthly Totals January thru October

I have 3,159 published articles on Plastic Alto, a wordpress format. On the internet. Despite hating the internet. I know, cognitive dissonance. Some of those posts have just a headline, like 10 words. Some have 10,00o words, like the treatise on … Continue reading

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I’ve used the word ‘memoir’ 65 times here, one-third of which have been since registering for Lynn Stegner’s class

I will have to look into this. I remember it well. You wore blue, the Germans wore black. He said, “but my wife is not in a wheel chair”. Distribution of word “memoir” in Plastic Alto, by year: 2019: 15, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Plastic Alto: Ornette Coleman, 1930-2015

(When City of Palo Alto and Stanford University in 2006 combined to create the two-field soccer complex, the Mayfield Site, at corner of Page Mill Road and El Camino, I remember tripping on –figuratively — the little rubber pebbles that … Continue reading

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Jazz panel to air on local cable in March

edit to add, the following Friday: I will try to remember to turn on tv tomorrow Saturday at 1 p.m. to watch the edited version of January’s jazz panel. Meanwhile I am wrapping up my Week which WordPress says can … Continue reading

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E.B. White’s pig’s long tail tale (meta Plastic Alto)

http://www.amazon.com/The-Elements-Style-Fourth-Edition/dp/020530902X Eighty-eight posts received exactly one hit, the long tail. Nineteen posts got two hits, for instance “In another mental universe, LAMI lives” about the Beat poet Alden Van Buskirk, I feted back in 2011. Nine had three readers. Six … Continue reading

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Weird plastic alto meta post, fall 2014

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Gratuitos and random Cody Sanderson shout

I been workin’ today from Palo Alto’s Mitchell Center Library, near Mitchell Park, the new building, the one with the Bruce Beasley granite arch marking the automobile entrance. I hereby declare that we raise a few extra bucks and replaced … Continue reading

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Not a genuine Filseth

I met a man who looked a lot like Eric Filseth, especially looking at him across the room, with my reading glasses. Earlier, I shouted out to James Lyons the dramatician. (He endorses me, I think, or at least signed … Continue reading

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I.C.O.B.O.P.A declared for Wednesday, June 20 (solstice)

Earthwise Productions 18th Anniversary show and Plastic Alto blog present I.C.O.B.O.P.A, the International Congress of Buskers of Palo Alto, “eye see oh be oh pea, hey!”, Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in Palo Alto, California. Street musicians from all over will … Continue reading

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When BC met JC kinda sorta

beth custer is starting a new project called melodica thing or plastic altos Continue reading

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