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The Boob Tube: 1) what is ‘Maniac’? 2) what is ‘Netflicks’? & 3) whose ‘Dick’ did Georgetown prep?

I’ve never even seen Gsme of Thornes but tore a clip from the times about the real life town in Croatia being over run by tourists ( see also Mark Twain, Yankee in King Artur Ct). — also Hawking disproof … Continue reading

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yo adrian

Nice seeing you and Jane. What is going on with Kol Emeth capital project? i was writing in my head but won’t get to it just yet a quick summary, for my blog, about: Free Speech Zone Drug Free Zone … Continue reading

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James Franco, Rachel Kushner and Mark Weiss

As I was watching a preview of a coming attraction, at Palo Alto Square, before the James Franco Jonah Hill vehicle (meh-icle) “True Stories” I noticed that there is a movie with “Rachel Kushner” as a character name, the movie, … Continue reading

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I think I’m totally wrong

I borrowed Garth Stein “Racing in the Rain” today from library mainly because I think David Shields lauds it. A quick search is iffy” Shields jokes about Stein in his new book “I think you’re totally wrong”. isn’t this going … Continue reading

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Teddy Franco and Terry Acebo

posted to pulse I am fit to serve in leadership as Palo Alto City Council or ARB member, but Terry wanted me to take her to dinner so we blew off chance to meet Teddy. so it goes. I know … Continue reading

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Offspring breakers

“Spring Breakers” the new James Franco vehicle has him duded out in dreads and cornrows, with a gold grill; reminds of Offspring Dexter Holland and “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”. Among other things.  The title is a pun on … Continue reading

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420 Cambridge

let’s get to the point, and smoke another joint, cause you don’t know what it means to be reality stoner real estate television satire and then i bumped again i bumped again Continue reading

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Three thousand words worth

i like ike. i like james franco. i like my cousin ryan moats I took three photographs from my cell phone and pasted them here via a baseball thread. for jim newton Continue reading

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Elliot Randall rocks the med school library

Hey kids who rock and roll, rock on, ooh my soul if not my vas deferens; do you wanna touch, do you wanna touch, do you like artist management? Continue reading

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IV. Ginsberg in the Zeitgeist

who threw their watches off rooftops Continue reading

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