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This is Oakland, almost

  bw This is a weird Segue but  I was at Gunn for a jazz concert and I picked up the Oracle a paper I edit it for two years in a row And clipped a tearsheet about a collaborative … Continue reading

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The tough, the strong

For certain members of the Gunn student body and community, the pulse must quicken with anticipation this week and perhaps for the next 12 days, a rarified situation created by Gunn’s selection to the Central Coast Section basketball tournament. The … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the schools

I stood after leaving the Open Forum part of Tuesday’s meeting in the dark with three strangers, with a Mom, her son and another boy,who might have been a speaker, a source quoted above and the son of someone I … Continue reading

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Je suis Jim Yardley

I doubt we ran Jim Yardley’s first byline above the fold page one of the Oracle, at Henry M. Gunn High of Palo Alto — something about middle class students using public transportation to school, spring 1981 — but his … Continue reading

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Six saints in four shots

My smart phone, an android, a MotoX or something, is still a little like herding cats, electronic cats that dream of synthetic cheese, but I have stored 1,571 photos (and 120 short videos), is that is something to crow about. … Continue reading

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Palo Alto yard hockey

Have you heard that joke about “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”? I joked to Palo Alto City Council member, this morning at a yard sale in our Downtown North neighborhood, that we should consider … Continue reading

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