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I’d like to post here an excerpt of Sara J. Jackson of northeastern on Tommy Smith and John Carlos backed with my photos of the monument to them at San Jose State by Rigo whose work I once moved in my late father’s Mitsubishi van, dig?

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Rigo art in San Jose State for Olympic fist protest

Steve Cohen sent me an interesting article about the Australian athlete who stood on the podium with John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the 1968 Olympics. Reminds that a year ago I took these two snapshots: The sculpture is by … Continue reading

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Peets don’t fail me now

Palo Alto, a Thursday late morning early afternoon in June — Strong coffee brings out the inner-Mencken in me, unleashing the inner-Stalin in Stephen Levy, who keeps deleting my attempts to civic-engage him [portion deleted] [portions deleted} [portions deleted}   … Continue reading

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Crush Rigo Head

I am a big fan of Rigo. I met him a couple years ago when I was helping Charles Linder. I had borrowed my dad’s Mitsubishi van to help Charles and Rigo move a bunch of panels that were part … Continue reading

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