Cubberley Basketball Hall of Fame and honorable mentions, in Plastic Alto

Cubberley basketball hall of fame
as accorded by Plastic Alto, Earthwise Productions and The Titensity Spin On Your Finger Machine Doctors

First team:
Forward Mike Nichols 1959
Forward Rick Kuhta 1964
Center Paul Trainer 1971
Guard Ray Gale 1962
Guard Todd Walker 1974

Second team
Forward Wylie Chenn 1968
Forward Kent Lockhart (1979* — Gunn ’81)
Center Erik Rosenberg 1979
Guard Hans Delannoy 1970
Guard George Violante 1979

Third team:
Forward Greg Sharpe 1967
Forward Tim Ruff 1979
Center Bruce Asch 1961
Guard Gary Prehn 1969
Guard Jeff Sandborn 1965

Honorable mention:
Bob Young, Dave Young, Phil Ashworth 1970, Billy Mitchell 1979, Matt Passell 1979, Jerry Chang 1979*, John Ehrlich 1979*, Mike Twohy, 1960 Shibun Tana 1959, Tup Fisher 1978 Steve Baird, 1970, Rob Evers, 1967

Mr All Time South Palo Alto Basketball: Hans Delannoy
Mr Cougar Basketball Todd Walker
“One of the three L’s — top three players all time, with Jeremy Lin and Jungle Jim Loscutoff: Kent Lockhart” (Gunn ’81)

15 final players
11 frosh soph final players
arbitrarily capped it at 200-The Cougar 200 hoopsters

re-naming the gym presley pavilion for bud presley and elvis presley

Wylie Chen — single game record, 37, vs Ravenswood, 1968
Only 11 players hit 30 or more in a game: Todd Walker (4), Wylie Chenn, Paul Trainer, Greg Sharpe, Rob Evers, Gary Prehn, and Erik Rosenberg in the final season against Los Altos. Only 8 players.

record season: Todd Walker, 1974
record for a soph, 4th all time, Kent Lockhart, 1979 (Gunn ’81)
record for a junior?

Only 2 boys had 10 plus consecutive free throws in a game: Hans Delannoy (13-for-13 vs San Carlos, 1970), Todd Walker (10-for-10 vs Woodside, senior season, and vs Carlmont as a junior); Jim Perman, class of 1960, vs Carlmont 10 for 11. ??? check with Hans for class. says 1967?

only 5 players finished with 70 percent or better from the charity stripe: Todd Walker, Hans Delannoy, Wylie Chenn, Paul Trainer and Bruce Fein. (100 attempts)

One of the five best shooting nights all time occurred versus Gunn, meaning I saw it: Tim Ruff, 10 for 13 from the floor, in 1979. 77 percent. Five of the best all time were from that final team: Ruff, 10-for-11 vs Mountain View (91 percent); Ruff vs Gunn; Erik Rosenberg 13-for-17 76 percent vs Los Altos; Kent Lockhart 12-for-17 71 percent versus Los Altos —same game?
Rosenberg 9-for-9 versus Wilcox.

Best all time shooting for a season, Paul Trainer 155 of 278, 56 percent 1971. Lockhart as a sophomore is fourth all time: 54 percent, 168-of-314. Four of the top ten al time were that final season: Lockhart (54 percent); Rosenberg (51 percent); George Violante (48 percent) and Tim Ruff (49 percent)

Phil Ashworth — top 8 all time assists 58 (1970)

Says 1978-1979 was top shooting percentage all time 615 for 1255, 49 percent (thank you for Jim Yelton and Hans delannoy for providing access to your record books for this deliberate attempt — and for the record I had 4 points on one field goal and two free throws for the 25-3 Gunn Titans champions in 1980-1981).

Best defense performance may have been holding gunn to 29 points in 1978-1979
Record is 16 versus Woodside in 1961 but who knows what that was like.

The final team had record for wins, 19 but was fourth all time at 76 percent to 1957 who was 17 and 2. 1964 who was 17 and 4 and 1975 who was 17 and 5. Han’s team was 16-6, 73 percent.

Mike Mulcahy best defensive player, 1976 tied Bud Presley award, 1965- 1979 to 14 players.
Rich Atchison twice. Two brothers? Dave Young, Kurt Young.
There already was a HOF with 21 players, from 14 classes, including 4 of the final 5.

Coaches wing: Jim Yelton, Bud Presley, Hans Delannoy, Rich Atchison, Ron Jones.

Pro Players: Kent Lockhart, Paul Trainer, Rich Ashworth.

Final squad:Lockhart, Rosenberg, Ruff, Jack Snyder, Matt Passell, Violante, Billy Mitchell, Behrens, Chapman, Kuhn, Martin, Mensick, Salop, Gregg Warren, Young
Plus frosh soph including Chang, Ehrlich, Kirkeby, House, Ng, Neumann, and Peters.

189 players on the scoreboard.
Mike Twohy tied for 187th with 1 point
(later became a cartoonist for the New Yorker
is Bob Evers related to Al Evers? Top 7 all time in rebounds

I’ve mentioned Hans Delannoy my old coach 45 times in the first 3,000 or so posts. Thanks, coach, for putting your faith in me in my two seasons in your program. Gunn had a program, not just a team in the two years directly after Cubberley High School closed. Hans coached a total of 14 teams at Cubberley, boys and girls. Mitch Stephens later called him “Peninsula basketball legend”. He was inducted into the San Ramon Valley High (Danville, CA).

There’s no quid pro quo but I am naming Mike Twohy honorable mention Cubberley Hall of Fame for basketball and using this topical comic on my blog:

Anderson for the 1970 Catamount

edit to add, a week or two later: Hans Delannoy texted me to say that Bruce Asch who played center for Cubberley and Santa Clara is the greatest all time. So maybe there is LAW, Lockhart, Asch and Walker as the greatest Cub or the triumvarate Valhalla or maybe pantheon. Or, lets induct all 187 who are on the scoreboard. Have not heard from Twohy who scored 1.

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