David O’Such, Nolan O’Such, Paul Hanley, Tim Hanley, Joe Cannon, Albertin Montoya, Allie Montoya

Paul Hanley was my baseball teammate for Key Chevrolet Expos Los Altos Hills Senior Little League when we were 15, in summer of ‘79, that is to say, forty years ago.

Today David O’Such told me of Paul’s passing, which was actually in 2016 — I hadn’t spoken to him likely since 1979. We David and I gabbed for about 20 minutes, mostly about the old days but also about real estate trends — he’s a VP with the former Cornish and Carey.

(He also mentioned the too soon passing of another of The Expos Don DeGrasse).

Tim Hanley, soccer goalie and coach…*

Joe Cannon, 342 appearances in the MLS. — I don’t think we’ve ever met, though I clearly recall Albertin Montoya touting him, ranking him equal to his NCSU roommate Kyle Campbell. Montoya and Cannon won the U-19 national championship.

Which leads me to peeping out two short videos of Allie Montoya, age 15. who scored 20 goals as a freshman at Mountain View High and reportedly has already verbally committed to play for Stanford.

I Remember Paul as the Madison Bumgarner Of our team, the stopper. He was also a stalwart Of Los Altos basketball, alongside Joe Cassin and Ken Runte. (Stalwart, whereas I got on the court only after Gunn went ahead by 20 — I scored 0 points but missed a free throw, which got my name in the box score, 1981 SCVAL championship game, Gunn vs Los Altos, at Foothill College).


Condolences to friends and families of Paul and Don; kudos to The Montoyas, Albertin, Erin and Allison; I forget what made me notice Nolan O’Such’s name — he’s an agent at APA — such that I left a VM for his dad.

And1: O’Such and I spoke for exactly 18 minutes. I also spoke to Steven Bernstein today, also for 18 minutes  In both cases, that’s an auspice, in that “18” in Hebrew numerology means “life”.

* edited for brevity, which I’ve never done :


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