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Oakland A’s swing for homers times 3,000

The A’s announced a plan with a baseball park, 3,000 homes and some shops. I haven’t swung a bat in about 10 years but have sat through 3,000 hours of development proposals here in Palo Alto. I should bone up … Continue reading

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Wow this just in: Natalie Curtis of New Hampshire nesting dolls tribute to Boots Riley of The Coup ‘Sorry to Bother You’

  Wow wow wow. Speaking of female ejaculations, kudos to Natalie Curtiss of New Hampshire, the illustrator and fanatic about the film, “Sorry to Bother You” which works in New Hampshire — although I also saw something, which sent me … Continue reading

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3rd in a series: Jesse Gonder the catcher for the pathetic Mets that inspired indie rock icons Yo La Tengo has a grandson Jase Turner, a former minor league player, who keeps athletes eligible at mighty Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland, and listens to both Coldplay and Little Dragon

Weird path in baseball music nexus Young Gonder Turner yonder And I admit for a minute there I confused or fused Little Dragon of Sweden (“high”!!, “twice”) w Imagine Dragons who I first heard via Eric Lindley pka careful) This … Continue reading

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Sorry to bother you

For listeners of “Welcome to Night Vale,” the series has a familiar sound; it borrows a structure from vintage radio drama, and it’s pumped with fantasy elements. But it also stakes a claim to a cultural conversation that’s still unfolding. … Continue reading

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Hot Stew v Stew hot

  Finally broke down and got the best phone in the best wireless in the best Apple Music distribution but the dumb fucks just played me something bad bad name hot in an album called staring compared to me trying … Continue reading

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I had a glorious day in San Francisco yesterday, minus some very sad news it took about 27 hours to let sink in

About 1 pm yesterday while Barry and I were enjoying the weather, Longboard beer and Giants Major League Baseball in San Francisco, he told me that a mutual music community friend of ours, a mutual client actually, he as attorney … Continue reading

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Woke I am early 510 style. Mayor Libby who I don’t think I approve of generally was on the tube; I was in my way to Belgium England via one of my magic electronic boxes Yedterday in Frisco 415 not … Continue reading

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