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3rd in a series: Jesse Gonder the catcher for the pathetic Mets that inspired indie rock icons Yo La Tengo has a grandson Jase Turner, a former minor league player, who keeps athletes eligible at mighty Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland, and listens to both Coldplay and Little Dragon

Weird path in baseball music nexus Young Gonder Turner yonder And I admit for a minute there I confused or fused Little Dragon of Sweden (“high”!!, “twice”) w Imagine Dragons who I first heard via Eric Lindley pka careful) This … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh and Steve Jenkins, circa 1981, fighting over the last maple bar

I just realized that two of the most difficult and fascinating people I have met, Steve Jenkins the rock band leader and Jim Harbaugh the football coach and quarterback, may actually know each other, from Paly High in either 1980, … Continue reading

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