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Bob Dylan ‘Hurricane’ poster cover or flyer courtesy of Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo and WFMU VS Reggie Jackson ‘IN ACTION’ 1972 Topps baseball card although he is just standing there staring into space

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3rd in a series: Jesse Gonder the catcher for the pathetic Mets that inspired indie rock icons Yo La Tengo has a grandson Jase Turner, a former minor league player, who keeps athletes eligible at mighty Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland, and listens to both Coldplay and Little Dragon

Weird path in baseball music nexus Young Gonder Turner yonder And I admit for a minute there I confused or fused Little Dragon of Sweden (“high”!!, “twice”) w Imagine Dragons who I first heard via Eric Lindley pka careful) This … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Choo Choo Coleman

His real name is Clarence. He was 5 foot eight or 5 to 9. Weighed 160 or 165. Played in 201 games. Only six more after this card was printed. One hundred fifty four as a catcher one in outfield … Continue reading

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Something about Mary, Obama, NYT, Yo La Tengo, Mad Bum

based on a story by Nate Chinen   Gary my brother in law encouraged me to check out Yo La Tengo at the Fillmore last week after we lapped up 75 fairly strong left handed hurls by Mad Bum. He … Continue reading

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I’ll trade you two Mike Mills and five Bob Lawtons for one Jimmy Carter ‘Crisis of Confidence’

No, thanks Yo la tengo

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Big day coming (ramen mix)

edit to add Barry eisler John Rain novelist eats here  add: weirdly I did run into Barry Eisler the spy novelist whose books have a hapa spy named John Rain and often take place in Japan, like Ian Fleming “You … Continue reading

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If it’s 7 o’clock that must be Panda Sandoval throwing out a runner from first base foul territory, but if it’s 10:30 that’s Calexico sitting in with Yo La Tengo at The Fillmore, got it?

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Yo La Tengo and BV

Yo La Tengo is a rock group based in New Jersey featuring the husband wife duo of Ira Kaplan and Georgie Hubley. They are big in my world, even if you’ve never heard of them. Their name is a baseball … Continue reading

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Gunn lands three on all-Peninsula softball team

Iris Chin, Katie Garvey and Emma Wager were named today to the Daily News First Team all-Peninsula softball team. Kudos for that! (Greek word, singular, for “praise”. They should know this, since the school has a pseudo-Greek theme, with the … Continue reading

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