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Salute to Dempseys’ three generations of mid-Peninsula diamond stars: Con, Dave, Nolan

This is not Nolan Dempsey the former Serra and Fresno State Star, but it is a snippet of the Stanford – Fresno State game on June 3, 2019 9-7 eliminating Fresno although Dempsey scored twice and was cheered on by … Continue reading

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Shabbat shalom with Joc Pederson

Was the first the Pacific coast league player to hit 30 home runs with 30 stolen bases since lefty O’Doul

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Three Davidson alumni sports trading cards


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Rocky road

I could not imagine that when I collected baseball cards as a eight-year-old in 1972 that pulling them out of my mothers attic as a 54-year-old I would be using the magnifying feature on my handheld computer and communication device … Continue reading

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3rd in a series: Jesse Gonder the catcher for the pathetic Mets that inspired indie rock icons Yo La Tengo has a grandson Jase Turner, a former minor league player, who keeps athletes eligible at mighty Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland, and listens to both Coldplay and Little Dragon

Weird path in baseball music nexus Young Gonder Turner yonder And I admit for a minute there I confused or fused Little Dragon of Sweden (“high”!!, “twice”) w Imagine Dragons who I first heard via Eric Lindley pka careful) This … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Choo Choo Coleman

His real name is Clarence. He was 5 foot eight or 5 to 9. Weighed 160 or 165. Played in 201 games. Only six more after this card was printed. One hundred fifty four as a catcher one in outfield … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Minnie Minosos (53 Topps, 54 Redman)

I had forgotten, but, besides the doubles of 1960 Topps Minnie Minoso that I am fixing to trade Gerardo for a haircut (or two?), as I inspect my manifest of the 76 cards I had in that binder, there were … Continue reading

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I’ll trade you a 1960 Minnie Minoso for a hair cut

this is from the Times obit: Minnie Minoso has been one of my all-time favorite players for close to 40 years. I never saw him in his prime, but I collected his cards in their prime. I sometimes think about … Continue reading

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Lincecum under control

I bought a pack of Topps baseball cards, for $3, to bring me back to 1972 when Andy Dieden and I would ride our bikes ten minutes into the Saratoga Village to get the same 10 cards plus gum for … Continue reading

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My precious Stargell and frank funk

We used to ride our bicycles the mile or so from our neighborhood to the five and dime in Saratoga Village, to pay 10 cents for Topps 1972 baseball cards — ten cards and a stick of not very tasty … Continue reading

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