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Turn of the Stew

My name’s Stew And I like screw A—- And by **** From on high Or down in front. Uniting Wall Street And Van Brunt Hanging chads or run Jeremy I’m now the long-time kind of guy. On my stake or … Continue reading

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Partial list of artists I had worked with especially at Cubberley 1994-2001; but not impartial

BLUF: This is a pastiche of two letters I dredged from my email archive, both dealing with race, plus I am reacting to the passing of Bill Withers “use me” “sunshine” We pledge allegiance all our life to red blue … Continue reading

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Mark Stewart VS Mark Stewart pka Stew

I just got word from City Winery that they are doing a series of special shows in honor of deceased legends. There is a Pete Seeger show for example, that is curated by Mark Stewart “of the Paul Simon Band”. … Continue reading

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Maybe Matt Jaffe could learn “The Drug Suite” by Stew, for 4/20

   The young singer/songwriter and band leader from Marin, Matt Jaffe is turning 24 on April 20, 4/20, which in some circles and certainly not foreign to Marin especially West Marin,  people smoke dope and get high especially reggae people. … Continue reading

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‘Gary Come Home’ performed live at Joe’s Pub by Colman Domingo and Stew v New York Times report of the death of George the Snail

Not to confuse the matter but my wife does enjoy eating escargot And in his song about Florida which I wrote about yesterday Stew admits that edible “gator tail” is “the joint” Which I believe means very good

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‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ movie, Barry Jenkins v ‘Florida, You Kill Me’ by Stew and The Negro Problem

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Before there was ‘fake news’ there was Stew, The Negro Problem and ‘Birdcage’

But what does Robert Hilburn know about rock and roll? (And for whatever reason I am hearing Stew all the time last couple of days and even leaving bad renditions of falsetto la-la’s on voice mail of poor innocents…which reminds … Continue reading

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Hot Stew v Stew hot

  Finally broke down and got the best phone in the best wireless in the best Apple Music distribution but the dumb fucks just played me something bad bad name hot in an album called staring compared to me trying … Continue reading

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‘Keys’ w. Keats

At minute 56 of “Passing Strange” at the musical crescendo and climax of “Keys” — this is a solo by Stew (Narrator) after Youth and cast sing “Amsterdam” — and this is the Spike Lee version concert movie meaning a … Continue reading

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Ledisi deserves her own tv show

Ledisi singing a gospel song to the MLK character in “Selma” was a highpoint for me — I’ve written and talked about some of my disappointments with the film and that I look forward to the rumored MLK-biopic that will … Continue reading

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