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Christmas ‘Caroleen-ing’ at Make Out Room, San Francisco Mission District, Holiday Party, 2018: Doug Hilsinger (black lace-ups ) & Caroleen Beatty (white boots): waycool!!

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Woke I am early 510 style. Mayor Libby who I don’t think I approve of generally was on the tube; I was in my way to Belgium England via one of my magic electronic boxes Yedterday in Frisco 415 not … Continue reading

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Dan Hicks, ‘I Scare Myself’ w. Terry Allen, ‘Shaking Man’

Dan Hicks wrote and recorded a song “I Scare Myself”. Terry Allen, a visual artist and musician, has a statue at Yerba Buena Gardens in SF, depicting a man whose hands shake so much that in this dimension it looks … Continue reading

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Guerrero weird Weiss plug

I met Guerrero the art dealer when he was with Justin Giarla at White Walls, and checked out his Portrero Hill Gallery, and did buy a Reyes from him, for like $50. I didn’t quite catch the name of the … Continue reading

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His platform of neighborhood, no high rise development, rent control and respect for seniors

we have the power to, we have the power to, we have the power to, like the supporters of Harvey Milk, 1930-1978, FIGHT BACK!!!!! Continue reading

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Ernesto’s TopLine Giants gear on 3rd Street Frisco

If you find yourself under-dressed on your way to a Giants game, stop in to see Ernesto “Neto” Solis at his new Top Line Apparel gallery and salon / hang at 5009 3rd Street. as i did go giants edit … Continue reading

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