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Kraus – Ginsberg, 1978 Loisaida

B/w Broken Flowers, 2006 Palo Alto early light  This is a coincidence but Nilaja Sun, appearing thru Dec 16 at Berkeley Rep, is from the Lower East Side. Kristine Guillaume, president or editor of Harvard Crimson This isn’t all beautiful … Continue reading

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Boots v Two Boots

It’s both a tour de force and a, if you excuse the expression, and sorry to spoil ya, tour de horse. Did i mention time got The Coup their first gig at Fillmore? This guy. edit to add (and i … Continue reading

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My Max is from Frisco, your Max listens to disco

The best line, to my virgin ears, of the new Ocean movie is when, right before their caper or maybe right after, when they were spooning, all eight of them — SPOILER ALERT, but seriously I have 50 followers so … Continue reading

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Cautiously optimistic about pka Cautious Clay

BLUf bottum line up front: Check out Josh pka Clay   Sometimes I travel to New York in my mind, or via the magic of these boxes, of the proliferation of computers and electronic pulses, especially odd or magic if … Continue reading

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Iz Kyu-Young 2 young 2 ARB?

OR, HOW BIG IZ THE BABY? I argued in my application for the ARB that architects per se were over-represented on the board and engage in a lot of log-rolling. I guess they listened to me and appointed someone is … Continue reading

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