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(N-Word)-dog VS (N-Word)’s dog

something deeper than these changes or being punk’d by punctuation I watched the 49ers’ opening game early Sunday at The Old Pro, formerly The Old Pro’s Bar. The bar was in a quonset hut on Pepper near El Camino and … Continue reading

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Keith Boykin coverage of Black Lives Matter in NYC

 Keith Boykin has posted numerous short videos taken with his cell phone camera of Black Lives Matter protest activity in New York City near where he lives, his exact neighborhood. Dartmouth alumni magazine circulated today an essay Keith wrote about … Continue reading

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Boykin, Booma both Barrett bearers

Dartmouth thing. This is Keith and his nephew I wonder who is faster I presume the next generation yet Keith as some of his Twitter friends noted looks pretty fit The boykinism  is named Brandon Adams and competes for University … Continue reading

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She calls herself ‘noname’ AND talks of self in third person??

    blacked with I know that’s bad I usually say backed with or bw a man who needs no introduction, I edited his early stories and assigned them, my roommate for one night, sworn to protect our Constitution, when … Continue reading

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Boots v Two Boots

It’s both a tour de force and a, if you excuse the expression, and sorry to spoil ya, tour de horse. Did i mention time got The Coup their first gig at Fillmore? This guy. edit to add (and i … Continue reading

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