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Helen Foley, songwriter and bassist, was my neighbor for the first ten years of her life, a very quiet girl, with big, beautiful eyes

I’m a newbie to the whole Molly Tuttle / Gryphon / Redwood Bluegrass vortex but in it with a passion, so I totally tripped out when I recognized the former little girl from next door, all growed up and plugging … Continue reading

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Rupa Marya VS Mayya

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The ‘V’ Word; or et tu VS me too

Posted by Mark Weiss a resident of Downtown North 11 minutes ago Mark Weiss is a registered user. I misread this to believe for a second that the screen writer was a Casti grad — as Grace Slick was. I … Continue reading

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Rupa Marya, ‘Where You From’ VS Cantor Sukoenig-Sukenik-Baker

It was thrilling to hear and recognize the voice of one of my musical and activist heroes and muses — and briefly a colleague — Rupa Marya pka Rupa & The April Fishes on Michael Krasny’s KQED Forum radio show … Continue reading

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Boots v Two Boots

It’s both a tour de force and a, if you excuse the expression, and sorry to spoil ya, tour de horse. Did i mention time got The Coup their first gig at Fillmore? This guy. edit to add (and i … Continue reading

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Plastic plastic mediation

Or, the ship I carry in my chest 1. Heritage: California Slim: Music, Magic and Madness, May 5, 2013 (dvd or recordable dvd, copyright 2013 Palo Alto History Association, but may be unique copy, of Andy Bernstein the logistics executive … Continue reading

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Catching up with Rupa

I have not seen or heard in a while Rupa & The April Fishes, yet am thinking about her and them, this 29th day of April, 2014. I rescued if that’s the word, these 900 words that I had posted … Continue reading

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Fret de la musique

we are the world here means that we are pretending that there is only the English language, spoken by white people, for no pay — the only people who get paid at Palo Alto’s “World Music” Day are the police. Where sour grapes meet dancing raisins, per haps. Continue reading

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