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Iz Kyu-Young 2 young 2 ARB?

OR, HOW BIG IZ THE BABY? I argued in my application for the ARB that architects per se were over-represented on the board and engage in a lot of log-rolling. I guess they listened to me and appointed someone is … Continue reading

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Stanford teacher wins Pulitzer Prize for fiction novel about North Korea

Adam Johnson is a teacher at Stanford who I was stalking last year, after first noticing him on Charlie Rose. I sent him an email, attended two public lectures and bought his book. I mention or link to him in … Continue reading

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I am nothing I see all


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Burden of truth

One of these days I will post an essay about the following texts (based on the “60 Minutes” coverage of item A): Greg Mortensen Four Cups of Tea Helena Norberg Hodge Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh Marlo Morgan Mutant Message … Continue reading

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