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A brief memoir regarding Jonah Mekas, 1922-2019

photo of New York Times, Thursday, January 24, 2019; p. A24; Screen capture or cut-and-paste of copy of note sent to Eden Arielle Gordon in New York, regarding Mekas, “Pull My Daisy” and “New American Cinema”, July 24, 2019 — … Continue reading

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Dramatis personae featuring minor characters

This started out as a private correspondence about sundry arts topics but I thought I’d reduce it to alphabetical list, short i.d., and a link, for general use: Alden Van Buskirk, minor Dartmouth Beat Poet (d. 1961); Aleta Hayes, teacher, … Continue reading

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Lower East Side part II

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Kraus – Ginsberg, 1978 Loisaida

B/w Broken Flowers, 2006 Palo Alto early light  This is a coincidence but Nilaja Sun, appearing thru Dec 16 at Berkeley Rep, is from the Lower East Side. Kristine Guillaume, president or editor of Harvard Crimson This isn’t all beautiful … Continue reading

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Howls holler

I think there is a drain the swamp movement here that could be an unanticipated outcome from the establishment’s attempt to keep their snouts in the trough a wee bit longer via the 9>>7. Maybe Boone, Cormack and an August … Continue reading

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Jazz beats on KCSM

https://www.amazon.com/Jazz-Canto-Various-Artists/dp/B001PMRKDW Just now jazz in this afternoon the dj back-announced two tracks I half-heard that she said have a loose Beat theme. One was Roy Glenn reading from a Philip Whalen poem, from an album, I soon suss, called “Jazz … Continue reading

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Sufjan Stevens “Cali and Howl”

Sufjan Stevens has resumed his much-anticipated “Fifty States” project, adding The Golden State to his paens for Illinois and Michigan. It is called “Cali and Howl” and beyond being about California it focuses on Beat poet Allen Ginsberg as a … Continue reading

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Council welcomes monsters in South Paly

http://www.amazon.com/Howl-Graphic-Novel-Allen-Ginsberg/dp/0062015176 Council cited property rights and current perhaps flawed rule of law to rationalize the denial of a long-time resident’s appeal of a 4,000 square foot two-story house on Corina, dwarfing the Brown Kaufman modest homes already there. Council voted … Continue reading

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Santa Clara county poem or not

This is kind of a longshot, but I am wondering if you as an individual might endorse me I am running for Palo Alto City Council. I am not a poet per se but I have promoted poetry events and … Continue reading

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No more to say, and nothing to weep for but the Beings in the Dream, trapped in its disappearance,   sighing, screaming with it, buying and selling pieces of phantom, worshipping each other,   worshipping the God (Dog?) included in … Continue reading

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