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A brief memoir regarding Jonah Mekas, 1922-2019

photo of New York Times, Thursday, January 24, 2019; p. A24; Screen capture or cut-and-paste of copy of note sent to Eden Arielle Gordon in New York, regarding Mekas, “Pull My Daisy” and “New American Cinema”, July 24, 2019 — … Continue reading

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Boots v Two Boots

It’s both a tour de force and a, if you excuse the expression, and sorry to spoil ya, tour de horse. Did i mention time got The Coup their first gig at Fillmore? This guy. edit to add (and i … Continue reading

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the theme of my life is blank

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGE1vX1m-_I&feature=channel&list=UL Terry and I went to a lecture and screening tonight on campus hosted by Penny Lane. Terry asked a question. I enjoyed the presentation and was suitably impressed although nodded off a few times. Penny has made or is … Continue reading

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