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[I had a different headline here but it was ambiguous that I am sympathetic to the victims of sexual assault in Ann Arbor]

ed to ad an hor later: I wrote Geiger back to say “nevermind”. Also, I know that the agent of Trevor Noah does not get 10 percent of gross, as much as he may deserve such.   and another reason … Continue reading

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Mad bombers in the 650

There was a kid about halfway, chronologically, between John Paye and Heneghan who also put up huge numbers. But they were against very weak schedule, like Bay 6 not PAL — school of the deaf, and the like. He was … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh and Michigan assault case

Gilvanni Johnson, age 57, pictured above, was a receiver and special teams player for Michigan Wolverines football circa 1985, three seasons, 36 games, a teammate of Jim Harbaugh the current coach and the former Palo Alto Viking three-sport star. On … Continue reading

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Double augers 2020 foresight

Firstly: Alabama receiver catches perfect pass for long touchdown in bowl game versus Jim Harbaugh of The Harbaugina monologue on first play of game. Segundo: Craig Wedge Matsumoto on Miles Okazaki solo guitar version of Monk Bemsha “shwing!!!” Great post, … Continue reading

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Smooth sailing for A, C, ND, M for College Championships in Santa Clara and correspondingly appropriate Leon Bridges joint

I like your way (Alabama) I like your way (Clemson) I like your way (Notre Dame) I like your way (Michigan — although still not sure, after 37 years, about Harbaugh) The Posers that Be, um, Powers announce a group … Continue reading

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Colin Bonini for Governor (of Delaware, a small state back east)

I tried to place this comment on a news site, but could not: I am not on Facebook, I am a refuse-nik, so was not actually able to post this: I think Colin Bonini has a core value system about … Continue reading

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Paye to play

If history recalls John Paye as a political leader who prepped as an NFL quarterback like Jack Kemp, you will have read it here first, in Plastic Alto, the blog with 500,000 words but no readers. Towards the end of … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh and Steve Jenkins, circa 1981, fighting over the last maple bar

I just realized that two of the most difficult and fascinating people I have met, Steve Jenkins the rock band leader and Jim Harbaugh the football coach and quarterback, may actually know each other, from Paly High in either 1980, … Continue reading

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Harbaugh mutiny deja vu or total recall?

I was chatting with the early morning dudes at Peet’s and Harbaugh came up again. One of the dudes is the father of a blue chip player, Paly class of 1981, who played with Jim and together they went deep … Continue reading

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He am the walrus

Tig Notaro and fact that she appeared at Stanford a few weeks ago but I saw the flyer too late and am losing a step. I had pretty much abandoned the Harbaugh tribute excepting fact that Ann Killion had a … Continue reading

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