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Tanaka-Johnson, 2016 VS Voight-Kampff, 1982

I re-watched parts of the interview Greg Tanaka, then a Palo Alto planning commissioner, did as a candidate for City Council with Bill Johnson of the Palo Alto Weekly, in 2016. What I remembered was that Greg kept avoiding Bill’s … Continue reading

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Harbaugh mutiny deja vu or total recall?

I was chatting with the early morning dudes at Peet’s and Harbaugh came up again. One of the dudes is the father of a blue chip player, Paly class of 1981, who played with Jim and together they went deep … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna be your hero I just wanna fight like everyone else

Thank you,  Kerry Yarkin and one other, for diverting the cavalcade of trolls who attacked me on the Weekly’s site, under the back-handed article about entering the race. What Gennady Sheyner strangely leaves out is that I got nearly 6,000 … Continue reading

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Open letter to Diana Diamond: on Arrillaga, et al

Diana, you are on-point here in many ways. I think staff actually supported The Arrillaga Towers proposal to the tune of $500,000 not $250,000. ‘Our Palo Alto” meanwhile, as if we haven’t learned anything, or it is too soon to … Continue reading

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Lethemless Berkeley and Lami@50

http://www.amazon.com/Motherless-Brooklyn-Jonathan-Lethem/dp/0385491832 I circled or cruised Palo Alto’s Lytton Plaza this afternoon, not completely unlike Travis Bickle, because I wanted to hear on my car radio the completion of an interview on KPFA featuring the author Jonathan Lethem. I logged, therefore, … Continue reading

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