Smooth sailing for A, C, ND, M for College Championships in Santa Clara and correspondingly appropriate Leon Bridges joint

I like your way (Alabama)


Bubba Smith, National champ and inspiration to furry animal born

I like your way (Clemson)

I like your way (Notre Dame)

I like your way (Michigan — although still not sure, after 37 years, about Harbaugh)

The Posers that Be, um, Powers announce a group of concerts, under a cool alliterative moniker, regarding the college football final four, or whatever, that apparently will be right in our backyards, come January or thereabouts. Leon Bridges I like, at least the first song or two I could identify and sort of hum — ear-worms — though I did not make it out to his breakthru show at The Greek.

I’m kind of joking that the top four on November 15 will compete as final four come January. Actually, Leon’s home team — i guess that would be Texas Longhorns — have an outside change, I reckon. My team, Dartmouth has a record to match Notre Dame or Michigan, but our record includes 41-0 over Georgetown (football, not basketball) and 38-0 against Sacred Heart (not the prep school).

I don’t recall off hand who won the football college championships the year, 1989, that Bridges was borned. (Let me guess: Miami of Florida, with Bernie Kossar?). I was born in 1964: let me guess that Michigan State with Bubba Smith anchoring the nose tackle and legendary coach Duffy Daugherty won twice when I was a crawler. The pub across the street has a Roger Staubach / Soupie Jim Campbell shrine so I’m thinking Navy was in the mix about that time. (Weird digression — I noticed last week that Navy’s option quarterback is named Abey, which was my dad’s unfortunate nickname during his WWII LCF-FF days).

I’m actually 5-for-5 going to Niners games this year –after a years-long boycott — and twice I went down there preparing to merely wonder the parking lots discussing Lott, Montana and Young with fellow travellers.

I am wondering if it was Another Planet, Goldenvoice or the fomer Bill Graham Presents that is producing the San Jo festival. (I hope it’s Chris Ezparza, but what do I know).

I’d like to see something like Notre Dame and Alabama, just for the regional and philosophical rivalry. Who outside of a 500-mile radius incircling Huntsville and Greenville would care about the current 1 and 2 bumping bellies? (Huntsville and Greenville are two towns I’ve worked as small music biz functionary; with Henry Butler for the former circa 2003, and Michelle Malone scouting her circa 2009 for the latter),

In a somewhat related matter, Barry Simons and I agreed that Coldplay was a lame choice for a Super Bowl halftime a few years back, and the “Dig” movie featuring colorful losers Brianjonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols was probably a better doc than the Coldplay thing that played one night only in SF (and my new friend or associate Mary White of Menlo Park — whose daughter I think Emily once played Glastonbury opening for Coldplay with The Franklys said she was going — it was on her behalf that I started a post yesterday that should have ended thusly: the closest my world comes to Coldplay is that I booked a couple times as a buyer Bill Frisell and he and Petra Haden — Charlie’s girl — covered “Yellow”; and, I visited Little Big Man agency when it was in Gramercy Park to visit Steve Ferguson who I knew as Frank Black’s agent, and met briefly Larry Webman and Marty Diamond — both, like Dustin Hoffman, about 5’5″ — actually the first time I tried, neither Larry nor Marty would bother to see me; the second time Steve gave me the pass word -“Slinky winkie”- and actually I was shopping a Kevin Cadogan leaving member of 3EB solo  demo — “Surfacing Submarine”, “Calidonia”. I think the Wiki nailed it when it said that Coldplay picked up the early Radiohead fans who wanted everything spoon fed and palid.


Texas beat Navy in 1964 Cotton Bowl

edita a week later: Harbaugh-Vows sink like stone:


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