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Mark Stewart VS Mark Stewart pka Stew

I just got word from City Winery that they are doing a series of special shows in honor of deceased legends. There is a Pete Seeger show for example, that is curated by Mark Stewart “of the Paul Simon Band”. … Continue reading

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Maybe Matt Jaffe could learn “The Drug Suite” by Stew, for 4/20

   The young singer/songwriter and band leader from Marin, Matt Jaffe is turning 24 on April 20, 4/20, which in some circles and certainly not foreign to Marin especially West Marin,  people smoke dope and get high especially reggae people. … Continue reading

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‘Passing Strange’ w ‘Passing Through’ w Pascal LeBoef,

https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=bUsYKfhzy_Y 1) Passing strange is an obsession of mine because it is a Broadway hit created by my former client Stew; 2)  passing through his in Xzibit and immersive 360° video work that draws from 50 years ago on stage … Continue reading

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RNJ is the missing link between ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Passing Strange’

Stew says, indeed NYT Sunday October 7, 2018 AR9 Rebecca Naomi Jones “ sang both female leads in early concerts and demos of Hamilton “ Rob Weinert-Kendt (I saw posters in subways for this production at Saint Anne’s warehouse Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Jericka Duncan w Rebecca Naomi Jones

CBS reporter caught up in the me too Broadway actress caught up in the passing strange but real… “How’s about a special of the sample of the day” Parenthesis this is minute 42 of these Spike Lee mark Stewart joint … Continue reading

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Before there was ‘fake news’ there was Stew, The Negro Problem and ‘Birdcage’

But what does Robert Hilburn know about rock and roll? (And for whatever reason I am hearing Stew all the time last couple of days and even leaving bad renditions of falsetto la-la’s on voice mail of poor innocents…which reminds … Continue reading

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‘Keys’ w. Keats

At minute 56 of “Passing Strange” at the musical crescendo and climax of “Keys” — this is a solo by Stew (Narrator) after Youth and cast sing “Amsterdam” — and this is the Spike Lee version concert movie meaning a … Continue reading

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