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‘Philadelphia Freedom’, The Philadelphia Experiment — Ahmir Thompson, Christian McBride, Uri Caine VS ‘Bright Mississippi’ by Monk Quartet

I’ve been thinking about Monk.BLUF Not sure my tech devices get me any closer to the urban or southrern or blacker essenses of these jazz places, from my insular and easy suburban shelter and place. Still trying to train my … Continue reading

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TK: ‘Helen Sung ‘In Walked Bud’ VS Connie Han ‘If I Should Lose You’ ‘

Here’s a hint to where this is going: although I had noticed her name in the picks of the week in the Friday Times, and that she was on Sunnyside, I did not start to follow jazz pianist Helen Sung … Continue reading

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Double augers 2020 foresight

Firstly: Alabama receiver catches perfect pass for long touchdown in bowl game versus Jim Harbaugh of The Harbaugina monologue on first play of game. Segundo: Craig Wedge Matsumoto on Miles Okazaki solo guitar version of Monk Bemsha “shwing!!!” Great post, … Continue reading

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‘Bemsha Swing’ by 86 different artists including Charlie Hunter, TJ Kirk and MMW– but I learned it from my then-client Jack Walrath, at the Octopus Lounge in Pacifica, on October 5, 2004

  And I once wrote about it to a Penn grad student Bethany Klein, who apparently had different ideas of what is “our song”. The song of course is by Thelonius Monk and Denzil Best. It’s a pigeon of “Bimshire”. … Continue reading

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Eddie Gale ‘Black Rhythm Happening’ w Brother Thelonious Belgian style abbey ale

Brother Thelonius is from North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg and I’m pretty certain they sponsored a tour by Helen Sung Whose cousin married a dear friend of mine and who’s reed player is my former client. Whereas Eddie Gale … Continue reading

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Journalist John Burks, on his former bandmate, Alden Van Buskirk, jazz pianist (and Monk)

(Alden Van Buskirk) –Van — was hands-down the best jazz pianist I ever played with, always exciting, always unpredictable– I never was sure he was going, though once we got ‘there’ it was invariably right. Not unlike Monk, of whom … Continue reading

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Tana, Franks and McCain confirmed for Palo Alto jazz panel

And then, neutralizing gravity with love and pure will, they remained suspended in air inches below the ceiling and they kissed each other for a long, long timeK.V. Three jazz musicians with local ties headline a panel discussion for the … Continue reading

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My jazz treatise stands at 24,776 words

My jazz treatise stands at 24,776 words. I bought the book on Thelonious Monk by Robin D.G. Kelley because it mentions Danny Scher and the concert he presented on October 27, 1968; she has his yearbook, the Madrono as a … Continue reading

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Dartmouth codex for English Studies, 12/84 thru S86

Eoanthrophus will triumph finally over Homo sapiens Mencken, 1926 Horse-man Weiss, 1984 & 2014 According to a notebook I dug out of storage yesterday which would be also known as November 10, 2014, these are the classes I took towards … Continue reading

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Jazz time travels or jazzscribe contrafacts: from full faith and credit to fregulia and back

The Geography of Hep, Palo Alto’s influence on Jazz, via music education, guest concerts(Monk, Steve Lacy) and our all too rare gifts to jazz world in terms of artists like Stanley Jordan and executives like Danny Scher, Jason Olaine, plus Herb Wong, James Benham, Ted Gioia, plus Akira Tana, venues like The Bandbox and The Varsity, and all that jazz Continue reading

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