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I spoke with Dartmouth sports legend Shaun Teevens ‘82 today in reaction to an alumni magazine cover story about his brother Buddy, which seemed lacking

Brad Parks’ article missed this basic point: (from Big Green sports web page) The name Teevens is intertwined through Dartmouth athletic history. Buddy’s father, the late Eugene F. Teevens II ‘52, was a hockey letterwinner. His younger brother, Shaun ‘82, … Continue reading

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3-d doings w Liz Babb Tri Delt

Long story. Check Bach (as compared to Hung Gary, but I digress) Dear John: Well not that I expect that you guys ever read my rants and Babel but this is almost worth flying out for in that a, I … Continue reading

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Three random Dartmouth alums in conspiracy to sell beer at council meetings

Heubach ‘71, Gordon ‘76 and Weiss ‘86 two Kiwanis and “a son of a Gunn for beer” at Palo Alto crafts fair.

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20th anniversary of Dartmouth scholar athlete, but not a playboy

Librarian and former St. Francis athlete Dave Sigua helped me research an item that magically popped into my head earlier today (it started with me returning a book about Lefty O’Doul and commenting that Paly grad Joc Pedersen of the … Continue reading

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Cox milk

this is not quite an item either but it turns out that a man named tom valtin got 552 votes in the 2008 supe race (won by David Campos) i think its bernal heights and my research shows he is … Continue reading

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Would that it were: the Olympics of shaggy dog stories

Hi, Cammie. I’m a Dartmouth ’86 and former sportswriter digressing from something else to send you a quick greeting. (I’m researching the Palo Altan Rink Babka, a discus athlete from 1960 Rome and a painter, apparently — he’s in a … Continue reading

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I’ve got your 3

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‘Red Poet’ doc about SF’s Jack Hirschman, who briefly taught at Dartmouth in 1961-1962

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Jeff Tesreau w. Jack Chesbro

Henry Schulman in the Chronicle, apropos of the Chris Heston gem, mis-identified the previous Giants rookie to toss a no-no; he called Jeff Tesreau “Jack Tesreau.” I texted him on that, or I tried, at least to send something from … Continue reading

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Journalist John Burks, on his former bandmate, Alden Van Buskirk, jazz pianist (and Monk)

(Alden Van Buskirk) –Van — was hands-down the best jazz pianist I ever played with, always exciting, always unpredictable– I never was sure he was going, though once we got ‘there’ it was invariably right. Not unlike Monk, of whom … Continue reading

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