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Originally posted on The Matt Gonzalez Reader:
first published in Medium, July 2, 2108 Photograph of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate on San Francisco’s Pier 14 taken by Jay Martin on May 23, 2015. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate Did Not Receive a…

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Dramatis personae featuring minor characters

This started out as a private correspondence about sundry arts topics but I thought I’d reduce it to alphabetical list, short i.d., and a link, for general use: Alden Van Buskirk, minor Dartmouth Beat Poet (d. 1961); Aleta Hayes, teacher, … Continue reading

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I saw a werewolf drinking a latte at the DeYoung museum, salivating over his next big plunder

The De Young Museum has a great little show about Gauguin that includes Oceania, Europeania, paintings, prints, ceramics and wood carvings. People who’ve been around long enough might notice that the museum’s Maori figure from 1890 is likely the source … Continue reading

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‘Red Poet’ doc about SF’s Jack Hirschman, who briefly taught at Dartmouth in 1961-1962

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Elizabeth Holmes portrait by Jenny Hueston in 12/15/14 The New Yorker

I conducted a mock interview by voice mail with New York based photographer Jenny Hueston. I wanted to know if, like David Choe and Facebook, she was given a choice of either her day rate in cash or Theranos stock. … Continue reading

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Pubic defender

Broke Ass Stuart has a website, and Alex Mak of the BAS confederacy profiled Matt Gonzalez, the public defender, former SF Supe and artist. I thought it neat, and commented to such, that next to the article there was an … Continue reading

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Weiss declared winner on cost-basis

Weiss declared winner on cost-basis tally Mark Weiss, spending $1,000 out of pocket yet garnering 2,171 votes was the winner in the Fall Palo Alto election, as tabulated on a cost-basis. He spent a mere 46 cents per vote. Karen … Continue reading

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