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My friend Anna Fermin of Trigger Gospel and Chicago, with super-short hair

b/w I am fantasizing about producing an session called “Pritzker Does Jagger” especially Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers, moves like a stud kind of thing. Anybody?

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3-d doings w Liz Babb Tri Delt

Long story. Check Bach (as compared to Hung Gary, but I digress) Dear John: Well not that I expect that you guys ever read my rants and Babel but this is almost worth flying out for in that a, I … Continue reading

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Anna Fermin in Los Angeles

The Cohen Brothers and I caught Anna Fermin at Genghis Cohen’s in Los Angeles this summer. It was part of Anna’s West Coast debut, venturing this way from Chicago, as my family did in 1968 (Anna was on tour; we … Continue reading

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Steps in stone(d)

Steps in stoned That’s David Middlebrook, 2000, “Steps in Stone” in front of the Westin, Palo Alto, says Mark Weiss, who admits to being Windows-aided, although he also saw two Middlebrookses just yesterdaze at Montalvo. Speaking of Montalvo, Beth Custer … Continue reading

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