20th anniversary of Dartmouth scholar athlete, but not a playboy

Librarian and former St. Francis athlete Dave Sigua helped me research an item that magically popped into my head earlier today (it started with me returning a book about Lefty O’Doul and commenting that Paly grad Joc Pedersen of the Dodgers was the first Pacific Coast League athlete since 1910 to hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases, for Albuquerque).


Look for a spec of green among the more flamboyant major college uniforms

Paul Sorenson, like Dave, played football for the Lancers. Paul went on to graduate first in his class at Dartmouth, in 1989 and now works in software.
In fall, 1988, he was named the Anson Mount Scholar and a part of the Playboy Magazine All-America team, as the token student athlete. He posed next to Deion Sanders, Derrick Rodgers, Troy Aikman and Barry Sanders.

This is archived, of course, in my magic box and if you are reading me, in your magic box, too. Who woulda thunk it?

Actually, it also susses up that Ted Leland, the AD, made Sorenson give back the $5,000 scholarship and promise to never masturbate. At Richardson we had chugs for Spankers and Liars. I was a Liar.

I don’t think i met Sorenson but I knew slightly a lineman from that team Rich Outzen of Aragon High in San Mateo, who helped me write in 1985 about the 15 year anniversary of the Murry Bowden / Willie Bogan / Bullet Bob Blackmon Lambert Trophy winning Indians or Big Green. Outzen also was the main source in Brian E. Moore’s documentary about ROTC “Army Green” and has served our country as a Colonel last I checked and writes about language as a weapon.

I also had op to describe for David the librarian and friendly giant the career, as I knew it, of Bill Campbell the former Columbia captain, champion and coach, the silent partner of The Old Pro in Palo Alto, where Lee Bolllinger and Al Gore were his eulogists recently.

edit to add, and i really have to move my car and then git to city to see Nicaraugan American drummer, but Anson Mount award is named for early contributor to that semi-notorious magazine but also his son Anson Mount IV (Ivy!, Get it?) played Captain Pike on a version of Star Trek on TV. Also, there’s a Corey Harris, Dave and I learned, who played football for Vandy and then NFL which catches my eye because same name as Corey Harris the Mac Genius and blues guy, coming to town soon with True Blues Tour, TK.

Nine months later: I am intrigued by the saga of Darrell Page, who led St. Francis Lancers of Mountain View to a CCS title in football, as a junior, but withdrew from that school after being charged with a sealed accusation in juvenile court.

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