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Don Cherry still got it, according to Navajo trumpet player Delbert Anderson and friends

In 1970 Don Cherry taught at Dartmouth, and in 1995 he died. Ten years later, in 2005 — though thats now 16 years ago-  I interviewed about a dozen of his former students there, plus was given access to a … Continue reading

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Steve Lacy twice

I’m not going to fault Veronica DeJesus for embellishing Steve Lacy’s resume: “played w/Muddy Waters”. I don’t think Steve played with Muddy — the person who might know is Bob Margolin, or Eric Hanson. More people think of Steve as … Continue reading

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Don Cherry the Canadian blowhard VS Don Cherry the Choctaw cornetist

There is something in the local rag and likely other sources about the xenophobia of Canadian hockey broadcaster (and I think sometimes crooner) Don Cherry and him calling people “them” and that recent arrivals to Canada don’t respect the sacrifices … Continue reading

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Declassified Don Cherry at Dartmouth

OR, TWENTY-SIX AOA FLUTES AT DARTMOUTH Don Cherry was artist in residence at Dartmouth in 1970. I wrote something about that, years later, for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. On Don’s Blue Lake recording, he plays a wooden flute. In the … Continue reading

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War on Drugs on Conan

I taped the other night The War on Drugs on Conan, actually from October, 2014. They play “Burning” track 8, from their latest release. It is six minutes on the album but closer to four here. 2. I interviewed two … Continue reading

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Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry….and Dartmouth?

and prologue talk about karma I did reach Chris Cortez just now or an hour after posting the first draft of this in the booth of KCSM and he agreed that my Pharaoh take is pretty esoteric and funky like … Continue reading

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Lampin’ with Ben (at Peet’s)

http://www.amazon.com/Os-Mutantes/dp/B00000IABK I’m lampin’. I’m lampin’. I’m cold cold lampin’. Ok, that’s not exactly true: I’m sitting at Peet’s, postin’ to my blog, but my bike is parked under a lamp, or street light. Or Terry’s bike, rather. A purple Schwin. … Continue reading

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Serendipity farmers

Not for nothing one face, one character, one fact makes much impression on him, and another none. Ralph Waldo Emerson Precisely 5:25 Wednesday evening I spied a cluster of flyers on the kiosk near the north corner of Stanford’s Tresidder … Continue reading

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Recipe for Cherry Colgado Pie

Recipe for Cherry Colgado Pie 1. While in Minneapolis, near or at the Walker Art Center and Walker Sculpture Garden, do not fail to notice the giant Cherry on a Spoon, by Claes Oldenburg. Take a picture, or get your … Continue reading

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Don Cherry at Dartmouth

don cherry at dartmouth; a shorter version of this appeared in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine circa 2006 Continue reading

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