I spoke with Dartmouth sports legend Shaun Teevens ‘82 today in reaction to an alumni magazine cover story about his brother Buddy, which seemed lacking

Brad Parks’ article missed this basic point: (from Big Green sports web page)

The name Teevens is intertwined through Dartmouth athletic history. Buddy’s father, the late Eugene F. Teevens II ‘52, was a hockey letterwinner. His younger brother, Shaun ‘82, was a two-sport athlete in football and hockey and also a recipient of the Watson Trophy. A sister, Moira ‘87, captained the women’s cross country and track teams and earned All-Ivy and All-East recognition as a runner. I.e. organic, like the alma mater song: granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and brains; or veins; either way, can’t get more Dartmouth than from here, ayuh; also has me reading coinky-dinky or not: “A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by Mark Twain esp baseball riff


NEXT DAY BLUF: I woke up the next day after writing below wanting to revise and finish (and nix the pomo visual as text thingy). I kinda want to ring up Shaun again and ask two more questions: 1) do we know of anybody, at Dartmouth or in Ivy League, before or after who doubled in varsity hockey and varsity football (and his brother Buddy did, intrumental in a different way, because he plugged away for three years as JV before lettering senior year), or scored more combined goals and TDS: I have it a 18+6 = 24; and 2) does he think of this as performance art — the thing I didn’t quite mention: see also Paul McCarthy, Situationists, the swiss dudes named Weiss I think dressed as Rats, — but also Colin Kapernick in an ironic way; but walked back by Mateo Romero ’89 who is plaintiff in Washington Pro Football case; but how often are people expelled from Dartmouth for “expression”? Worth pondering. And not to insult my classmate MDH. An interesting part is the skating: his skating is so good, it was a tell. But in some ways it honors.


A1457031-EF6D-46FE-855E-A1D59339AB43.jpegI will have to finish this later. It’s intereting how willing and enthusiastic Dartmouth alumni are to talk about the College, and the presumption of a bond or kinship, or the lack of guardedness. Maybe my sample pool is small. But I can only think of one time, in 1983, with a member of the Class of 1933, the chair of his 50th reunion, the head of the American Bar Association when a Dartmouth guy didn’t have time to talk.

I thanked Shaun for his time today— 30 minutes, and will get back to writing, reformatting and editing my report.

The article by Brad Parks ‘96, an author, is here.

Dartmouth beat Georgetown 41-0 last week.

Use of the term “losers” on the cover of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine is a bit offensive. Even winless Dartmouth competitors are far from “losers”. In fact, by some sense, we are undefeated.

Maybe Plotkin should fall on his pen.

3698F441-5081-419E-83CB-57C42AD72D53During Buddy Teevens’ first tenure as coach, which yielded two championships I recall going with Rich Durante ‘84, a former fullback, to hear the young coach give a very inspiring talk.

8A51AA1C-9FAA-4387-BC74-6C11D339B328.jpegTwo photos of Shaun Teevens hockey where he was 2nd team all Ivy Team MVP and later assistant coach at Union then Princeton (by Kathy Slattery, 1950-2007, who was always very helpful)


1B7A3509-1CB9-4CC7-BA6F-AD696AF71E51in terms of the hockey-football double (and cumulative goals-touchdowns tally) I found two Canadian athletes from nearly 100 years ago who won both the Stanley Cup in hockey and the Grey Cup in Canadian football: This makes (Carl) Voss, along with Lionel Conacher, one of only two people to have their name engraved on both the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup as players.


and and: Peter Lavery ’83, who Kenny Moore of Sports Illustrated called the last 3-sport athlete in NCAA, according to Schribman had 35 points in hockey – -how many in football, and are points goals or what? So Lavery Peter had 17 goals in hockey — and how many touchdowns? Two, so 19 total (unless you want to count “points” of hockey and a TD is 6?) Shaun has 34 goals. Unless you want to compete Footballtouchdowns + hockeygoals + baseball homeruns and maybe Lavery will catch him? Or add brothers vs. brothers? Pretty soon you need Kemeny to do the math.

But they are almost gone. A SPORTS ILLUSTRATED survey turned up just one at an NCAA Division I college, Peter Lavery of Dartmouth, a sophomore who competes in football, hockey and baseball. Is he the last Division I three-sport athlete? And, if so, who served in the last rank with him?

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