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Dramatis personae featuring minor characters

This started out as a private correspondence about sundry arts topics but I thought I’d reduce it to alphabetical list, short i.d., and a link, for general use: Alden Van Buskirk, minor Dartmouth Beat Poet (d. 1961); Aleta Hayes, teacher, … Continue reading

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Santa Clara county poem or not

This is kind of a longshot, but I am wondering if you as an individual might endorse me I am running for Palo Alto City Council. I am not a poet per se but I have promoted poetry events and … Continue reading

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A little chin music for the corporate behemoth

Tom Hanks, or a character he played, said “there’s no crying in baseball”. Surely, you know there is no “center field foul pole / corporate communications behemoth 65 foot pole antenna” in baseball. At the risk of going full Juan … Continue reading

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