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That’s the tea (Tom, Eric, Alison)

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3 Teens kill 4 no motive w 4 pols run with mo money

3 Teens Kill 4 is a band from the 1980s that sound like Talking Heads meet Negativland. No Motive was their first album, both names ripped from the tabloids. Here is my comment in the PAW board — I habitually … Continue reading

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Kermit picks Tom, Eric, Alison

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A McLuhanist swipe at or insertion chip first into or at Jenny Dearborn’s op ed in PAW

Edit to ad: I came to this in reaction to Carla Befera excellent op ed re Casti man spreading crisis. If you literally have nothing to do for 45 minutes(and I can suggest 1,900 better uses) here is Dearborn A … Continue reading

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Rating 10 possible Palo Alto city council results (or slates?)

BLUF:: I am predicting TEA although ATE I thought a better acronym, so I’m saying two of three incumbents will hold and Alison will displace Cory based on more life experience. You cannot have STEAM without TEA at least in … Continue reading

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Palo Alto incumbent lauded for anti-idling stance

Tom Dubois kickoff of re-election campaign Palo Alto City Council, Hoover Park, introduced by colleague Karen Holman. From The Merc Kelley just last month: A subcommittee made up of Councilwoman Karen Holman and Councilmen Tom DuBois, Adrian Fine and Cory … Continue reading

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Linsanity, Duboisity

I had read about this but never until just now saw the video of Jeremy Lin playing on the new basketbal court at the new Mitchell Center in Palo Alto. And Greg Scharff, then the mayor and still on council, … Continue reading

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