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Your karma ran over my dogma: Palo Alto’s corrupt leadership

Council will deliberate Tuesday an agenda item about term limits for commissioners, boards and committees- sometimes called “BCCs”. Generally speaking, leadership in Palo Alto comprises elected council members (seven, although it was nine until 2014), appointed BCCS (forty, although it … Continue reading

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Resign, recall, reflux

What a disturbing sight, of Pat Burt, the bullying, polluting, white supremacist retread being seated on council and foisted as a vice mayor!He should resign.We should recall him.He makes me gag. The Weekly, for whatever reasons, omitted numerous faults about … Continue reading

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We’ve been ‘burted’

I would not say Pat Burt “championed a business tax” in that during his sixteen years in leadership Palo Alto failed to enact a business tax and now had budget cuts, having let off the hook a trillion dollars worth … Continue reading

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Vote Cari for Palo Alto

Cari Templeton told me that she has heard the stories of Pat Burt being a bully but vowed that if tried such with her she would “kick his ass”. That earned my endorsement. Kick some ass, Cari Templeton. (She is … Continue reading

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Pitter Pat pear

Pat you were in leadership here for 16 years, 2000 thru 2016. Two companies, now worth a combined $1.6 trillion market cap were either founded here or based her during that time (FB, 2004; Google, 1999-2003). Why did we fail … Continue reading

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Council welcomes monsters in South Paly

http://www.amazon.com/Howl-Graphic-Novel-Allen-Ginsberg/dp/0062015176 Council cited property rights and current perhaps flawed rule of law to rationalize the denial of a long-time resident’s appeal of a 4,000 square foot two-story house on Corina, dwarfing the Brown Kaufman modest homes already there. Council voted … Continue reading

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I have been floated to this thought this hour

1. I spent two minutes trying to hear a recording made at a show I produced in 1999 at the Cub, over the ambient music and noise in 2014 a Sunday at Coupa in Palo Alto, and I caught a … Continue reading

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Why does Council member Pat Burt remind me of Sam the Sham?

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Open letter to Diana Diamond: on Arrillaga, et al

Diana, you are on-point here in many ways. I think staff actually supported The Arrillaga Towers proposal to the tune of $500,000 not $250,000. ‘Our Palo Alto” meanwhile, as if we haven’t learned anything, or it is too soon to … Continue reading

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27 plus 456 equals 404 in Palo Alto

As posted on Palo Alto Weekly site, in response to their downright journalistic report on the general stinkiness of the Arrillaga Office Towers project: Also, as the Weekly reported at the time, Steve Emslie and Tom Fehrenbach of City staff … Continue reading

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