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Lane thru the Looking Glass

Edit to add: I met Lane and Tracy Wurster of North Carolina at a Superchunk show — my first – in 1992 but do not interact much these days so was surprised after posting about Lane somewhat randomly today to … Continue reading

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The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten songs, by Greil Marcus and Mark Weiss, or Grweisl Markus

Call me pathetic call me what you will just don’t call me late to Cibo: “America has become amnesiac,” says Henry Giroux, “a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated.” … Continue reading

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MIRV in Palo Alto, fall, 1995

The posters for the Cubberley Sessions (also known as Palo Alto Soundcheck) were conceived of a series by Lane Wurster and Chris Eselgroth, the two-man art department for Mammoth Records in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, which eventually was sold by … Continue reading

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I am writing something in reaction to Bob Leftsetz, Van Dyke Parks and David Carr

i am writing something about bob lefsetz, van dyke parks and david carr but so far, 266 words in I am mainly cutting and pasting. And not reading the source material much either. And in exactly 13 minutes we are either driving to the City at 3:30 or taking the 6 p.m. Caltrain to see the 7:15 Giants game, Vogelsong v. Stroberg of the Matt’s Nats. Continue reading

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